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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

July 28, 2014

Alright family and friends!!!! 

This week I got stung by a caterpillar thing. haha. It's big caterpillar that had hairs all over it that is white, it looks a lot like cotton. I didn't know what it was and it was one my pant leg. I thought it was a clump of dog hair or something. It wasn't..... So when I touched it, it's hairs go like porcupines and they sting like a wasp. My whole hand hurt that day and had bumps like from a bee. They are pretty powerful suckers. Cause it put my whole arm asleep. Or like when you get a shot and its sore. Also gave me a headache and I was super tired. haha. They also say if you get stung 3 times you have to go to the hospital to get it all treated. But I got lucky! I just kept working and finished the day and after 2 more days everything is all better. Never thought a caterpillar would be so dangerous. Also this wednesday im going to get my cyst taken out.  We are gonna have interviews with are new president on Wednesday also. We will see what happens cause I have to go get the cyst taken out. 

This week went rather well! We found 9 new people to teach. 2 new families of 3 and 2 people that are in Part member families and one other we contacted. This week we have 3 baptisms set. Hopefully we will have 4th also but we will see what happens. One of them is a grandma named Teresa. She has come to church and obeyed all the commandments. She gave us her coffee when we taught her the word of wisdom and has gone to church when we have invited. Also with her son named Carlos who had problems with alcohol but also left it behind when he started talking to us. He also works in a bakery and makes bread! Here it's called sweet bread. It's all homemade and has a type of frosting on top. I'll try and take some pictures this week to show you guys. It's super good though. Its not like the bread back home but its super good. 

The other one is named Mauricio. He is in the part member family he's gone to church a lot and knows it's true. We are gonna help him be baptized this week. The other one that is hopeful is name Jose Luis. He is a 17 year old. Honestly a super good kid and has a testimony that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. But what happened is he drank coffee a week ago. So with the rules, he has to wait 3 weeks. But he only did it to stay awake because he was taking care of his aunt who was dying. He had to stay up all night in case anything happened he could help. Is aunt died the next day. SO it was kind of an interesting story. He told us he didn't even want to drink it but he did it so he could take care of his aunt. So we have to talk to president to see what happens. 

I'm doing good and am happy with everything that is happening right now. Just working harder learning more and more how to help my district and hopefully I'm getting better too hahaha. No I've gotten a little better but I gotta keep working at it.

Love you guys,
Elder Hakes

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