Mexico Vera Cruz Mission

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hello family!!!! 

This week went rather good. It was another good week in my new area. It was the stake conference this week! So we got to meet a member of the quorum of the 70. His name was Elder Villalobos. He came to give us a beat down but with words. He pretty much just made us all feel bad hahaha. It was super sweet though. He taught us about obedience. He said there is only obedient or disobedient, Which one are you? And a lot of other things that were rather strong. He reminded me a lot of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. The only bad part was the whole cultural hall was full and there wasn't any space for all the people. SO they put other TV's in the other rooms but the didn't work well and you couldn't see or hear and it was just annoying. But what I heard was really good. 

My companion is Elder Anaya. He has 1 year in the mission and is from Mexico city. He is a little rebellious sometimes haha but he's a good missionary. Soon I'm sure he will be a leader in the mission....just gotta work with him to get him ready.

 I've decided to start something new. It was a talk I saw about a missionary. He talked about going to a lesson with a member. He went the missionary and his companion both bore their testimonies and then a member bore his testimony and it was so strong. He felt the desire to get better and get rid of all distractions in his mission. Be obedient and just do everything he could to do everything right for 40 days. The missionary fasted and prayed daily to overcome these doubts and be better. When he finished the 40 days of sacrifice he left the house. He felt confident and in every lesson he taught he could feel the spirit so powerfully. He ended up baptizing 16 people in 8 weeks. Those are numbers extremely high for whatever mission in the world. SO I've decided if it worked for someone else, why won't it work for me? I have decided to eliminate all distractions and be completely obedient so that I can see the miracles the Lord will do. Today I also read Moroni 7 that talks a lot about this. I'm going to apply these things and work miracles with the help of the Lord. I know that this is his work and I love my mission. 

Elder Hakes

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November 17, 2014

So it was a good week.....New area and new companion and we hit the ground running! Honestly it was one of the better weeks I've had in my mission. So my area is rather small to look at the ward on a map the ward is Vulcanes Stake Villa Rica, Mexico Veracruz. It's divided in 2 parts and we only have like 3 neighborhoods and no members. There's like one family that half of them are active. So I was a little confused on that one? But we worked hard. We found 11 new people to teach and had 7 people in church. So that was a super week. Normally I was only finding like 4 people in my other area and the last 2 weeks we didn't have anyone in church so it went well this week. 
 The area isn't the most beautiful like other areas.....lots of rock streets and dirt. It normally is super humid and it was for 1 or 2 days this week. But we had some luck because there were some Northern winds. They help cool everything down and throw a bunch of dirt in our eyes. It's all good though, gotta take the good with the bad. 
My companion is Elder Anaya from Mexico City. Another one from over there its my 3rd companion from over there. He's a good man we are working hard to get this area baptizing again. Only baptized 1 in this last month so we are working to find some more people. 
 Recently I've been reading my Book of Mormon a little bit more. It's gone good and I've enjoyed it. I've been using a study guide book for Seminary teachers and its helped to make my studies more interesting. I studied also  D&C 4 today. I liked it a lot. It showed me all that I must do to be a great missionary and how to do it. I'm feeling weird in the mission....I'm starting become one of the older ones in the mission and time going fast. So......I gotta keep working hard. The Lord still expects a lot more of me. I feel a lot more focused right now than I have been in months and I'm gonna keep it up so I can do my Father's work.
I also studied this week my missionary purpose. I believe it has to do with everything that Christ asked Peter as you showed me mom. The most important is that I never lose the focus in the Glory of God. That's why I'm here and the way to fulfill the Glory of God is to bring more souls unto him through baptism and help them to get to the temple and make more covenants there. That is my desire and that is why I'm working. 

I remember clearly 2 years ago in the Christmas Family reunion. There I bore my testimony. I felt the spirit in that moment so strongly and received my answer that I had to go in the mission. At times I may not remember that as much as I should....but I recognize it clearly right now. And knowing this, I gotta get to work. The Lord gave me an answer and commanded me to come on a mission, I must continue doing all that I can to convert myself and all others that I come in contact with. This is the work of the Lord. I am an instrument in his hands. I must be faithful, hopeful, full of charity, loving with all people, and focused in helping others to come unto Christ. If I do that, I will fulfill my purpose in coming to Veracruz.

Love always,
Elder Hakes

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Well, my area has been great and I've loved it! But, now they are kicking me out. I will now be going to the ward Vulcanes in the stake of Villa Rica. Port of Veracruz!!!! haha. This will be my first opportunity to be in the port. Going back to all the humidity and heat because where I'm at right now is cold and rainy. Should be fun getting use to the heat again. I'll send more information next week when I know more about my area. My Son (Elder Lumbreras) will be staying here in my area and is going to train a new missionary and be the District leader. So he's got some big shoes to fill taking my place.  

This area is surrounded by a bunch of hills and forest. Rather fun and beautiful place. NOW I will go what it's like being in the city. Should be interesting and very fun. I'm feeling good. It could be better but I'm good. I'm gonna work hard to complete my goals and help others gain the Eternal Life. That's why I'm a missionary. Try talking about that when you share the gospel. Don't explain everything, just tell them what the eternal life is and that there are 2 young men or women that will help them know how to gain the opportunity. It's been something that is helping me to do a lot better. And it allows me to helps others come unto Christ. Our mission president taught us that this is our goal. The Eternal Life of all mankind. Many times we only think in baptism. Baptism is not a bad goal to have but baptism is meaningless if the people stop living the gospel and don't go to the temple. SO that is our goal. Now we just gotta get to it. Take people to the Temple so they can gain the eternal life.

Elder Hakes  

Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3,2014

The Lord likes to give us trials. And he does it so that we become stronger in the faith and learn. It was another tough week because we didn't have anyone in church. But, we are learning a lot and finding knew ways to think things through and how to do things. And even thought its been tough, I've been able to see the hands of the Lord in the week. We had our district class this week and it went well. We had some practice lessons that were terrific. My companion and I did the practice teaching an investigator of the Sister missionaries. It's a man that likes to ask questions like How many galaxies are there? Or did humans come from apes? etc. and besides that he talks a butt load. The sisters don't really know how to teach him with these problems so they wanted us to do it. 

We practiced and tried a bunch of things to try to get it done. Finally, we got him to stop talking and stop asking questions. What I said was, What is more important to you?.... salvation or knowing how many galaxies there are? He stayed quiet and said obviously, salvation. We began to teach him about the faith and I felt the impression to tell him " I see in your own eyes that you know this is true, but trying to find answers to insignificant question doesn't allow you to act. Focus in Jesus Christ and strengthening your faith in him." Then my companion began to explain more and about the blessing of Faith in Christ. Then we finished the practice inviting to baptism. The first time he denied it and said I'm not sure. Then I invited him again and said, "will you show your faith and be baptized so that you can live with your wife (who had passed away) forever?" It was only a practice but the spirit came into that room sooooo strongly. The sister missionary who was acting began to cry and only nodded her head saying yes I'll be baptized. 

It was so strong the spirit my companion and I could hardly talk either so we promised blessing and testified and finished the practice. 

The spirit is the most important part of our lives. We must recognize it and follow it so that we can have eternal  happiness. 

I know and testify of this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Elder Hakes