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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014

It's been a little different these last 2 weeks with the new responsibilities. Honestly, a little more frustrating too haha. It's just a lot more things you have to do and that I always need to help 4 other missionaries and besides that they are all sister missionaries! Haha. But it's been a good  learning experience. I still got a lot of things to get better at and I'm working hard at it. 

Today we went to Dominoes haha. That was pretty good stuff, I enjoyed it. I honestly haven't really taken any pictures. I need to start taking them. I don't even have one with my new companion yet haha. 

This week we had 3 people that were going to get baptized. For this Sunday the 27th. But they didn't come to church so now its gonna be changed:( BUT they are super good people we are going to go with them today to find out what happened. 

I'm struggling in adjusting to my new area a little bit. Mostly just because my area now is like the size of all my areas that I've had combined haha. Learning a lot and finding the way to get better. 

I've been thinking a lot about the reason behind everything we do in the mission and why we don't have success (including in normal life too). The why we have success or why not. Ive determined that all of that is based on our conversion to the gospel. We have to work so hard to truly be converted to the gospel and when we do that we will always have the faith necessary to accomplish all that the Lord commands us. I want to invite you all to think about this question..... Am I truly converted? And what more do I have to do to be truly converted? That's something I'm working on a lot. That and understanding a little bit more about our savior Jesus Christ. In all aspects his teaching, his actions, the Atonement, Etc. I feel that these things are the keys of being converted and to have success in all your life. The way to all this is by daily scripture study and prayers and following the spirit in all that we do. If we do these things we will be able to truly convert ourselves and receive all that our Heavenly Father has prepared for us. 

 This new city is called Orizaba. It's on the edge of our mission boundaries. I would say it's like Payson weather, just with more rain. It's a lot more clean than any of the other cities I've been too. It's a nice city and all around it there are hills and a volcano. I'm wanting to go hike a little bit to see everything but who knows if they will let me. I'm excited to work here and am working hard to get better. 

Elder Hakes 

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