Mexico Vera Cruz Mission

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 14, 2014

This week has been a little weird getting use to a new area and being district leader. The new area feels great all day and I'm loving it. Its a nice city and it's a lot cleaner than the other places where I have been. It's been hard though getting to know the area because its huge! At least comparing it with my other areas. We gonna work super hard here so we can have success. 

My companion, Elder Martinez, is from Guadalajara. He's a good dude. He likes to do a lot of exercise which, I'll be honest, I haven't done has much as I should haha. BUT I'M STILL A TWIG! I'm down to 160.... I think that's what I was my sophomore year. It's kinda weird and I don't like it, but in this area they eat super good and with the exercise we will be doing, should be good for me! Elder Martinez has like 2 months less than me in the mission. We both get along rather well and we think a lot alike. I have some high expectations being here. 

Something funny this week was eating with an older lady in the ward. She lives alone so she gets lonely... a lot..... so what she does is listen to music. And the music she listens to are all old school like one of them was the song "New York New York". I think that's what it's called. It just made me laugh a little bit. I also got here to this area and they didn't really have a lot of people to teach but we working hard to fix all of that. We had a grandma go to church with us this week. Her name is Teresa Calderon. Her son is an inactive member that is actually blind. We talked with her and invited her to baptism for the 3 of August. She accepted and then went to church and loved it! So all is looking good with her. We are gonna go tomorrow and watch the restoration the movie with her. 

This week we also a meeting as district leaders with our zone leaders. We talked a lot about what we need to better and it is something important for all of us. We talked about the Atonement. To remember what Christ did for us and how we should always remember him DAILY! Minimum of once a day. They invited us to study it more in depth and to share it with our investigators. I felt that I should share it with you guys too. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer. Only through him will we be able to see our families again and the most important person of all our Heavenly Father. Remember Christ and what he did for you. And if you really understand the Atonement repent of your sins and wrongdoings. ALL OF US WILL ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO REPENT FOR. Whether it is small or big there is always something. Do your best and repent, and then the Lord will forgive you. He has always forgiven me when I truly repent and he will do the same for you.
Love Always,
Elder Hakes

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