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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 4, 2014

This week we had 2 baptisms!!!!! Teresa y Carlos got baptized! It was such an awesome experience! I got to baptize Teresa and my companion baptized Carlos. I felt the spirit very strongly and also the happiness that the gospel gives to everyone of us. After I baptized Teresa we got out of the font and turned to watch her son Carlos be baptized. Watching Teresa watch her son be baptized and start to cry touched my heart. I saw the love that she has for her son and how happy she was to see him change. I just about teared up too! But I honestly was able to feel the love in that room has they were baptized. Also the love that we have for them too but seeing the happiness that it brought to Teresa is what truly touched me. I know that the gospel changes lives. They became converted and eventually baptized because of the faith that they have. That they were willing to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if what we taught was true. That's what they did and the Lord completed has he has and will always do. He touched their hearts and they received a testimony and were baptized. I also learned in teaching them that the Book of Mormon is the key to everything about our church. If you read and ask God if it's true he will answer you and you will know it is true for yourself. I know that that is true and invite all of you to try it also. 

Besides that, something interesting happened in the church this week. A man arrived that had one crutch and looked like he was almost homeless. His leg was hanging limply and was curved. Slightly gross but he can't do anything to change that. We talked to the man and his name is Jorge. His leg is missing about 6inches of bone from an accident he had. He had come to look for work in my area and was listening to the missionaries in a different city. He was going to be baptized this last week in Tehuacan Mexico. Not sure where it is but its a different state and mission. He gave us the number of the other missionaries and so we called them up. They said that they had been teaching him and weren't very sure about what happened  to him because he wasn't in his house. But that he already has been to church a lot and was going to be baptized. SO basically we are gonna work with him and help him to be baptized probably for this week! We just have to go see what happens with him. 

Also today we went on a hike! Its called Goat Hill! Not sure why because there wasn't a single goat there but it was cool. The majority of the pictures I sent are from that hill. It was pretty tiring but we had a good time doing it!

Love ,
Elder Hakes

I'm not a fan of doctors in Mexico.....they told me my appointment was to take the cyst out.  I got there and they just looked at it again! And said its a cyst that they were gonna see when I could come to get it taken out......rather annoying but oh well! can't do anything about it..... just wait! Still don't know when i go get it out....

My companion, Elder Martinez

The caterpillar from last week....
...What the caterpillar did to me.

Goat Hill

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