Mexico Vera Cruz Mission

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013

No explanation....

Dear Family,
This week was a little better, yet disappointing. Not because the mission or working though! All that is great! We were teaching a mother and her daughter who both wanted to be baptized. They would only do it though if their dad went too. But, their dad is only home late Saturdays or on Sundays cause he works in another city all week then returns home. 
That's completely normal here though. Our bishop here works 15 days some where then has 15 days off. I thought it was kinda weird that they would call a bishop with that kind of schedule. But oh well that's not my business. 
Back to the we went by Saturday night twice to see if he was there and both times he wasn't. Then idk why but my companion didn't want to go talk to them Sunday. I think we should go back this Sunday....and at least try. I know they have their choice and if its not in accordance, then that's fine. It's just sad though. The mom said she believed everything and wanted to be baptized. She's kinda afraid of her spouse too... or that's what it seems like. It's sad so idk if we are gonna keep teaching them. 
 I have tried to send pictures every time I have written...but the darn internet here. And the longer I have to wait,  the more pictures I will have to send later! It's dumb but I'm trying....
I havn't had any weird foods YET! I've had enchiladas, sopa de fideos, this rice pudding stuff, horchata, agua de piƱa (pineapple juice), lentejas, sopa de coditos, etc. Mostly enchiladas or taquitos with the sopa de fideos. And normally jello for a dessert. Here you always yell buenas tardes and then wait or permission to enter even their property like the driveway. Except with members. Also when you go to fill up your cup at the table you have to fill it up for everyone else. And you should eat all the food they give you and if they offer 2nds you take it even when you're full. That's just very few of the customs. I don't remember names of lots of the food. We had chicken the other day. We have had rice and beans but only a couple times. The people don't like to give beans and rice cause that's the poor peoples food. At least that's how they think. I gave my first blessing the other day! Or rather anointed the oil but regardless it was cool. We visited a bunch of sick people from the ward and they were very grateful. It was very cool! 

This week we gotta work our butts off to go find people to teach. I finally understand President Wright's quote that the only work in missionary work is finding people. I testify to that haha. But everything is good here! Love you all!
Elder Hakes

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 19, 2013

Dear Family,

So this week I had my first baptism! Well....not really mine it was another companionships investigator. But they wanted me to baptize her. So I said yes..haha. I don't know it was kinda weird....I felt like they should've baptized her but I just had to do it according to them. 

This week has been a tough one.....for me personally. Not cause of the mission or people here but my companion. I just feel like we need to work harder. It seems that we waste a lot of time doing stupid things. (Oh here stupid is a bad word. That was something weird to me cause often do you hear that in the US? At least once a day I think.)   

Anyways other than that I've been great. This one family... well 2 members of the family... are so close to baptism! Its just I don't think the dad wants them too. He is never home cause he works in another city and then is only home on Sundays. And even when he is home all he does is hopefully they will get baptized. I don't know...we are gonna talk to them later today. 

Spanish is coming better. I understand more. I like hanging out with the kids and talking to them. The kids are awesome I just want to go to primary.... but my companion won't let me:( haha. Plus they love me cause I'm the white American they can laugh at. But nope...I get to go to gospel doctrine:) Ya I want to got primary haha. But no worries! 

Mexico is beautiful, the people are awesome, the food is great, I'm on a mission, whats not to love? I'm doing great Spanish is coming along better with each day!  

ELder Hakes 

Monday, August 12, 2013

August 12, 2013

Dear Family,
The first week has been interesting! MOSTLY cause I understand probably...I don't know...10% haha. It's very difficult. They speak super fast! But some people are easier to understand or even if they just talk really slow! But I'm not too worried! I've understood more each day! SO  I should understand everything in a month! well I hope haha. I don't know... but that's what I want.

My companion is a native from Mexico City! But luckily he knows quite a bit of English. 

This week we've been meeting more with members trying to find people. Plus this week we had probably 3 or 4 full days of work....but this next week should be a lot better! 

I'm loving the food and the agua (AKA juice). They call juice agua? not really sure why?

Something I love is that they have juice for every meal. Jamaica juice is the most common and it's made from a flower. Then my favorite is this orange stuff. Its' like a Tampico but orange. It's very good!!! The food is great! The salsa is spicy.

I've seen more dogs than I have in my whole life.....except these ones are super ugly. 

The members here are super great! They are very humble and hard working! They provide lunch for us every day! Its kinda weird...we eat breakfast at like 7:30 and then lunch is at 2 and then we go back to our apartment at 9 and eat at about 9:30. It's a little weird.... but that's just how the schedule is here! 

Today we had a zone activity and we played softball and then it started raining.  It was so much fun! Everyone was running around and slipping and sliding in the wet grass. Oh speaking of is sooooo humid! I've never sweat soooo much in my life!

Something weird here is that most of the girls don't shave their legs. It was very weird the first couple days....haha. BUT I'm over it now.

Oh ya....I'm in a smaller town called Carlos a Carrillo just a ways outside of Tuxtepec. The weather is humid like I've never felt before. Its so crazy! The people drive crazy here too. I'm in a part where there are lots of toads too. Sadly it isn't mango season  :(   so I wont have one for a long time...I guess they are best in like April?  I'm doing great the people are great! Spanish will come! Anyways gotta go!

Elder Hakes