Mexico Vera Cruz Mission

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 9, 2015

This week has been another hard working week! It went rather well too. We had some crazy things happen! In our ward there are 4 missionaries. My companion and I and 2 other missionaries. Last Monday at like 7 PM we got a call that one of the other missionaries was going to be the Financial secretary of the mission and had to go the next day with us to the Port of Veracruz. SO we ran got him all packed up and we headed out to drop him off. We got to the port and after that we then had a Zone Leader and Sister training Leader Council with president and his wife and the assistants. We pretty much just saw all the goals of the mission in the last month and what we did well and what we are gonna do to change. He also taught us the difference between a Principles and Doctrine. Its pretty interesting!!! At least I liked it! The doctrine answers the why we do things related with the Gospel and the Principles are the what and what I have to do. It was an interesting lesson. 

Anyways.... so thanks to those changes we are now in a trio. My companion and I and then Elder Sowards. He's a new missionary that has almost 4 months so we have a good time with him haha. Us being the older missionaries that bully him! It's like having a little brother;) hahaha. No.... he's a cool missionary though. He's from Colorado. 

Right now something I'm doing is trying to finish the Book Of Mormon one more time before I get home! I'm in Mosiah. Also as an invitation from the mission President we are reading the Book of Mormon marking anything that has to do with Christ in blue. Then, we mark anything we see that has to do with the Atonement or the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It's been amazing to recognize how much the Book of Mormon talk about Jesus Christ. I haven't turned a page without marking it Red or Blue. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Together with the bible and the other scriptures we have we learn how to be like Christ and how to help others do the same. I testify that the Book of  Mormon is true and as we read it we become more sensitive to the spirit.  I testify in the Name of Jesus Christ my savior and redeemer Amen. 

Elder Hakes    

PS.... Jamis says Cody is looking like like a blimen tree! hhahha. Wondering how that encounter will be when I get home.....should be interesting seeing everyone grown up so much! How's March madness going?

March 2, 2015

We are going with a picture is worth a thousand words for this week.......

This is Elder Hakes' companion's birthday photos.