Mexico Vera Cruz Mission

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

This week we had 2 baptisms! It was pretty sweet. It was a family that had completely rejected my companions here the last time and then we went and they accepted us at the snap of a finger. hahaha. It was pretty funny. But, it was a part member family with the mom being the only member. The dad is a guy that likes to drink and isn't a big fan of churches. He didn't listen at all nor his 2 oldest sons. But the mom and her 2 youngest children did listen. They went to church last week and this week also. It started out very hard.....we went they listened to us and were interrupted many times by the dad. The second time we came back again and taught a little bit better cause the dad wasn't there. Then the 3rd time we get there and the sister told us that her husband doesn't want any of them to go. She was crying while telling us that she wouldn't go anymore and about all the problems with her husband and family. I felt gutted because I had no idea how to help them....I felt there was nothing we could do. But then I opened my mouth and spoke without even knowing what I was saying and explained about the priesthood and that we could give them all a blessing and the house because they commented about some weird things happening there. Immediately they all responded saying yes. So we went in the house all knelt down and I blessed the house so that it would be protected from all evil spirits. Then we stood up and my companion gave a blessing to Antonio (he was baptized Sunday). Then I went and gave one to Mari (also baptized Sunday). As I finished her blessing I began to choke up. But no worries, I held it in while longer. But then we changed and my companion began to bless the mother. And that's when some water works started flowing. I began to was weird for me. I haven't cried in my entire mission at least I don't remember. But in that moment I felt the spirit very strongly I felt a pure love for this family and I wanted the best for them. We were able to use the priesthood to help them and the next day we came and everything was better. The family was together and happy when we arrived the next day. 

I know the power of the priesthood is real. When we are worthy we can use it to literally help change the lives of others. I also could feel a slight glimpse of what pure love is. At least that's the closest I have felt to pure love. If we can understand this pure love we an understand the necessity to share the gospel. It isn't something that if we want to do it we can do it its we should and we will do it. The Lord is confident and has given us the opportunity to have the gospel in our live. But why? I believe that he has given it to us because he wants us to share it. 
And our father in heaven is so loving that he has prepared a book to help us do just that task. Preach my Gospel is a book inspired of God and was prepared on the otheride of the veil for all people that want to share the gospel. NOT only missionaries. ALL members of the church. Our mission president and his wife told us that their family nights are based on Preach My Gospel and when they finish they start over. I know that if you study it then you will learn how to share the gospel in a way that we can push along the work of the Lord in these latter days. I ask all of you that you please study it. Individually and as a family. If you do it I promise that you will feel the spirit more in your lives, the Lord will guide you in order to find and to help our brothers and sisters that our lost on this earth to find the truth. I testify o these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Also some fun stuff this week! I got to hold a baby possum. The family that was baptized is a humble family and they work cutting in the jungle and so they find lots of animals. This was one they found out there. Also i rode a donkey:D Super cool haha. It was pretty fun and cool. and that's about it!!! 

Love you guys take care!!

Elder Hakes 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21, 2014

This week went pretty well! We got 4 new investigators that are super good and......THEY CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! YAY! hahaha. But 2 of them are from part member families. Named Antonio (15) and his little sister Mari Lexi(13). They have only gone to church like 2 times. Never have gone here in Anton Lizardo. But, they went Sunday. They loved it. The only problem there is their dad. He's not a big fan of any religion and I don't think he believes in God either. So its a little tough. But they are super good and will be baptized this next week. 

The other investigators are Josefina and Suleyma. It's a mother and daughter. The mom told us that she has been living in Anton Lizardo for 15 years. She listens to all the religions and what they have to say. But she said she has never gone to any of the churches only the Catholic one and that was once every 2 months or something like that. But, she said she had felt different being with us and saying prayers and so she said I'm gonna go with you guys to church. Sure enough she arrived 10 minutes early! It was super awesome to see that. Then we finished the meeting and the 4 all left very happy and ready to come back next week. 

The members of the ward give us food every week. We eat lunch with the members everyday. So we get it at the end of church and we go noting all of them down. Normally, the usual people and then we get to Sunday and it had the name of that investigator! haha. So next Sunday we will be eating with our investigator the 4 missionaries. Now that is some pretty cool beans my friends. That was pretty much all the excitement this week. 

I just thought I'd mention about the weather here. Its super weird!!!! Its normally hot pretty much always and then the next day we have 80 MPH winds! We had a storm this last week that was about 80 mph I think is what they said. It was pretty ridiculous. Also the sun goes down SUPER late! Its 7 o'clock at night and the sun is still out just barely starting to go down. Then by 8 its a little bit dark. 

Also this week is what call the Holy Week (Semana Santa). Ya, that's a horrible name.....all they do is go and get drunk on the beach. It was sad seeing how the people are. It just shows how much more they need the gospel. 

I'm grateful to be a part of this great and marvelous work. I know that it is the work of the Lord and that it is our duty to share the gospel. Always look for the way to share and the Lord will bless thee! 

Elder Hakes

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 14, 2014

This week we had another baptism!!!! IT was an awesome one too! I mean all of them are awesome, but it was cool because we were all together. The 4 missionaries from Anton Lizardo. We baptized a guy that use to be a pastor for a Pentecostal church. haha Pretty cool! We didn't even know until 4 days before. Our companions baptized a family of 4 that got married after learning the law of chastity and did everything to be baptized. So there were 6 baptisms that day and 2 new Melchizedek priesthood holders in the ward. It was awesome with lots of members there and a musical number by the missionaries. That was all the good stuff! The only bad news is we don't have anyone ready to be baptized this week. Because our goal as a mission was to be baptizing every week by April. I'm going to work super hard in that. We actually had a rather good week....but no one has come to church in a while and that's the problem right now. We need to bring people to church so they can have the testimony and can know that they want to be baptized. SO we will be working on that.

For me its still being kinda hard with my companion we don't fight or anything its just hard to talk because he is the exact opposite of me. He's what we would call a nerd and I would say I'm a jock. For example I like sports, he likes animation/cartoons. So I'm pretty clueless on what to talk about with him haha. But he's a good Elder and we work good. 

I liked the way Ry Guy asked Teghan to prom....well done ya big cow!!! (Teghan works at Chik-Fil-A.  Ryan borrowed the Chik-Fil-A cow costume and took in flowers and asked her to prom at work.)

I want you all to know that the gospel is true. Forget whatever doubts you have had, have, or will have. Just do what is right and follow the counsels of our prophets. I know that only through obedience we will truly receive all the blessings of the Lord. The Lord is bound when we do what he commands so just do it! 

Elder Hakes 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014

You just have to watch one minute and you know that these men are inspired of God. I know and sustain every single one of the people who talked as Authorities of this The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. I know that this church is true. For me, I truly enjoyed conference soooo much. The thing that I recognized the most was the Love. They taught about the love of God, the love of Jesus Christ and his atonement, the love we should have to our family/spouse(for those of you who have one), the love to our investigators, etc. A love for all people. The world quite frankly does not have this mentality. But, we are not of the world but in it, and we were built to be here to last and to overcome the temptations of Satan. The way to do that? Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 
 If I remember correctly, it was Elder Bednar that talked about the Atonement. It applies in everything we feel. Many times we think, well, the Atonement is for repentance. And I testify and know that this is true, BUT the Atonement applies in EVERYTHING! Everything we have felt, feel, and will feel Jesus Christ has felt. 
 Which leads to another thing that caught my attention. They talked a lot about building yourself upon rock. Upon Jesus Christ and his atonement. We need be firm and not wavering. Don't doubt our faith, Just follow it and what you know to be true, and surely the Lord our God will bless us. 
 The third thing I really like was the talk about gratitude, don't remember very well who it was. But, he talked of the "Attitude of Gratitude" That when life is rough, be grateful! But why you might think? Ether 12:6 (SM) That ye shall not any testimony until after the trial of your faith. Always "Put you Shoulder To the Wheel" just like the pioneers did. True to the faith which our fathers have cherished....Man I loved conference.....I just start talking and more keeps coming to me. 
 But, what I loved the most was how President Monson ended the conference. First telling us and counseling us to read the Liahona/Ensign when it comes out with the conference talks. I believe they will be of great need and use this year. Then how he finished and closed the Conference. I felt that in that moment he was literally talking with God. He said something along the lines of we love thee and are thankful for your presence.
Also not sure if you heard, but my mission president will be finishing is mission in July and then will be one of the new members of the quorum of the 70! Pretty cool beans right? Everything was amazing....couldn't have had a better conference the spirit was strong and was easily felt. 

The talk I didn't mention that I truly loved was the opening talk by Elder Holland and I didn't mention because you already know how amazing it was! haha. 

I again testify that these men are called directly from God and have divine revelation for US. Every single one of us! This is the truth and let shine to the world. Let's do our part in the work and show our love to God by serving our brother and sisters on this world.

Elder Hakes 
The burger from last week's letter

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31, 2014

Dear Family,

I thought I told you about the baptism? But I'll tell it again!!!!

 It was an awesome experience! I had the privilege of baptizing her. We got to feel the spirit very powerful there. We went down in the water and I baptized her and we went and changed into dry clothes. We finished the service and the brother in law of Maria came over to us crying and said he wanted to be baptized. We could feel the spirit there very very strongly. And that testified to him that it was the truth.

We have talked with him a little bit this week but we never could really find him but then today, he found us. He sells donuts and he found us in our front yard. He told us he wants to be baptized this week if he can. He is going to have to wait a week or 2 because he drinks coffee but it was an amazing feeling and that we could know of the love our God has for us. He knows what we are doing and we are working hard. Finally we are receiving the blessings we just have to be patient! Not very easy sometime....But we always receive the blessings.

We changed houses this week also! Had small problems with the landlord......not a very honest dude and was trying to rip us off.....long story short the church lawyers are gonna have a little talk with him.

Today we had a district activity we went to La Patrona. A restaurant where they make burgers! They make one that is like 8 patties or something like that with bacon cheese onions, etc. And if you eat it in 20 minutes its free if not well it costs a little bit haha. One of the missionaries did it but I've lost the appetite I had before the mission. He almost had it but finished all but 2 patties and the bottom bun! It was pretty fun!

We had an alright week we gotta work hard so we can baptize every week. President TreviƱo made a promise with the first presidency that as a mission we would be baptizing every week in April! SO we are working super hard to do that! Life's going good just gotta work work work!!!

Elder Hakes