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Monday, September 30, 2013

September 30, 2013

Hello family and friends! 

Today we are going to have our first legit baptism! But one of the ward members will baptize her! Which is all good cause she almost didn't get baptized. Her name is Luz. This week she had to go and ask permission of her parents to be baptized. Her parents are actually long time inactive members. But she went and asked her mom on Wednesday and her mom said no. So Luz came to us to talk about it and see if we could help somehow. We showed her 1Nephi 3:7 Which pretty much everyone knows (go and do the things which the lord commands.....for he will reveal a way for them). Very simple scripture and that's how we should teach honestly. It's better that way and they understand. But that's what we did and bore testimony that the Lord would help her but first we need to ask. So we knelt down on our knees and prayed. My companion and then her. I honestly think when we were sitting in that room she was thinking these guys are crazy praying won't do anything. But anyways the next day she went with a friend that's in the ward to ask again. They talked with her mom and long story short her mom said yes and that she could see the difference in her! Its soooo awesome to see the power of prayers. Never doubt the power of a prayer. 

We had in activity this last week. We are suppose to be doing missionary activities but the ward only wants to party and have food....its makes things difficult. So we had a talent night with Mexican wasn't really missionary but it was good. And lots of people came! BUT we didn't receive any references or anything so it was just a big party. It was just a ward party....all of us are kinda frustrated with doing activities every month. We want to do them and they are great for the work when it has a spiritual function. The problem is no body listens to us we tell them what they have to do and they don't do it. Its kinda frustrating when even the members don't listen. The members here are honestly great! The problem is they don't do much when it comes to ACTION. 

But this Sunday we called a lot more missionaries del barrio to help us. We are trying to have 5 family home evenings every week. The 4 missionaries of our ward split and go with a pair of ward missionaries. We will see how they work this week. 

Oh yesterday was a rough day....we went to a members house and they were watching.......FOOTBALL. It was very very very hard not to watch it!

This week we gotta find people we don't have anybody right now....and that's not good at all! SO we are gonna work super hard this week to find and teach more people. Over here its been super hot lately! Pretty brutal like Arizona but humid! 

Elder Hakes

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