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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 2, 2013

Dear Family,
This week went pretty well! I got to go hitch hiking one day! HAHa. I think that's against the rules...but if we wouldn't have done it we wouldn't have made it home. It was like 7 o'clock at night and most taxis stop working at 6. SO we decided it would be ok. 

We had a missionary activity this week! It was awesome! We called it a trip to Hawaii, so they came and they went on a plane and died. So then we explained the plan of salvation and what happens from there! It was awesome. Not sure why, but I was in charge of the telestial kingdom? Not sure if that's suppose to mean something or not haha. But it was awesome I got to go in the celestial kingdom room with he last group. It was so awesome! It was almost like being in the temple again. Not quite that amazing but that's what it reminded me of. We had the 1st counselor give a talk and explain it and then they did an activity where everyone closed their eyes and another elder played a hymn on the piano while we thought of our families and pictured us all together there. It was really spiritual and made me want to go to the temple even more haha. I get to go in December! That's not too far....ok kinda far. But I cant wait for that. 

I'm doing great. This week has been better cause we received contacts and addresses from people who went to the activity. I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed it a lot. It was really amazing!

 Love you guys! Always remember your prayers and the scriptures and your life will honestly be a thousand times better! The lord is always on your side! 

Elder Hakes'

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