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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

Dear Family,
This week....hmmm I have to think. I'm not good with remembering things. It was kinda a tough week. We've been searching and we decided to go visit inactive members. We thought ya that's a good idea right? Well we went to a bunch of houses almost none of them live here anymore and some of them had died....So ya that wasn't very fun. 

There's been a lot of rain the last couple days and some of the streets were flooded with water. I guess some tropical storm? I don't know, that's what my mom was saying haha. There was lots of rain this last week and lots of the streets were full of water! Nothing too big happened!

I think we probably lost one of out investigators this week....Darwin. I don't know how or why but I don't think he will talk with us anymore. Yesterday was independance day for Mexico. And he said he had to go make things for the big party they have in the city. When we arrived at his house he was sleeping. He came outside and said how he was busy. So he didn't go to church. and before this he cancelled meetings with us twice I hope that he continues, but I don't know.  It's tough when this happens. This guy was the best investigator we've had. He read the Book of Mormon every day and always had questions about what he was reading. But I don't know... I think he's done with us.

 But the other investigator Luz. Shes doing great I'm still kinda nervous that she only wants to talk to us because she wants a relationship with my companion. But we have talked about it and are being cautious. The biggest thing is we need to find people. I want to work with the members more. they know people and know where they live, what they need, etc. It's very hard here in Carillo cause the people always lie to us....they'll tell us oh ya she lives just up the road and we go and there is no one. It's weird.....I don't understand why. It's tough but thanks for everything! I'm doing great! Love you guys!

Love ,
Elder Hakes     


Please tell Nate I met a former Elder Paco Marquez who lives in Carlos a Carrillo and knows Nate. He just got married.

Congratulations Jennie on graduating!


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