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Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Dear Family,
 This week has been pretty good. We have 3 investigators that I will be shocked if they don't get baptized honestly. One is named Darwin. Hes 23 I believe and lives in a part member family that is inactive. We have been teaching him at the church but I kinda want to go and teach with his family too! But he's amazing. He asked us after one lesson if he could serve a mission like us. I almost cried haha. He is super awesome he's reading the Book of Mormon and asks questions about what he's read every lesson. If there was a definition of a golden example for me its him. 

Then we are teaching a member's wife but they aren't married and the member needs to get a divorce from his previous marriage. Its very complicated....but she is awesome and comes to church every week. She wants everything with the gospel she has a strong testimony of prayer. I think we need to talk to her a little more about the Book of Mormon,  but other than that everything is awesome. We taught them the law of chastity so they can talk about all that. They seem to have accepted it. But that's what is gonna be the hard part. Getting the divorce from the previous marriage and then getting married. Her name is Pajola by the way. 

Then she has a cousin who we have been teaching. She is pretty awesome too! But I'm not completely sure sometimes for why shes talking with us. Sometimes it seems like its just to talk with us cause we are boys....wink wink. Haha. But when she prayed for the first time with was so awesome! Honestly one of the best prayers I've ever heard and I'm pretty sure I didn't understand everything she said. Those are the main investigators right now. There are 3 others that are could and listen but don't act. One is the sister of Pajola. I think her problem is that she is living in a house that doesn't like the that makes things difficult. But she is awesome she takes notes when we are teaching. I believe she really wants to know, but she just is being lazy. And its the same way for these other 2 investigators named Jazmine and Laura. They are just lazy....I dont like lazy. But other than that they are all awesome people! 

We still need to find more people! That's the biggest thing we need to find people. They changed some stuff in our mission well all of Mexico. The new rule is investigators have to go to church 5 times. It use to be 2. But its better this way cause they are actually converted and want to go to church! Its not oh hey come twice and we will baptize you. I'm actually really glad they changed this rule cause I felt like people weren't prepared to be baptized. With my first baptism...and only for right now... I didn't want to baptize her. She wasn't ready she did it cause her parents did and she liked the missionaries. That was a tough situation cause they all wanted me to baptize her cause I just had to have my first baptism. I want to baptize people that I know and have been teaching and truly want the gospel. But I chose to go with their wishes and baptize. I will not do that ever again. That honestly was a horrible first just totally felt wrong. Anyways

Just have Ryan keep working. They can't get mad at him for trying and working hard. Cody and Em I'm sorry if I haven't responded to your letters I read them and am grateful I just don't have much time to do anything. Tell Cody to keep working hard at basketball. Happy birthday Nessa! Hope all is going well and you are still keeping David in line...or at least trying!

I need some help! As our missionary plan for the ward we want to have 1 big missionary activity every month! We are having a hard time thinking of these activities so....anybody that has ideas please send it to my blog with my mom and she will send them to me in an email. I'm doing great and that's all you guys need to know! haha. I love you guys! Thank you for all your support! Mexico is amazing! The people are amazing! We actually helped redo a roof for a member today! That was pretty fun haha. But I love this work!
Elder Hakes

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