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Monday, September 23, 2013

September 23, 2013

Dear Family,

This week was pretty good! Not too shabby but not amazing! We actually found 2 new people named Janet and Fernando. Fernando has had problems with alcohol but he told us that he wants to change. We didn't have a chance to meet with them. We only went once for a familia home evening. It was really awesome and I think they enjoyed it. 

Right now we really only have 2 investigators that are progressing. One is Luz. If all goes as we hope she will be baptized this Sunday. She lives in a part member family but her family is inactive. She wants her dad or uncle to baptize her. The problem is that her uncle lives far away. He might come in this week but he might not so if he doesn't come Luz wants to wait until December.....which if that happens she wont be baptized at least I don't think so. So I don't know whats gonna happen with her. We talked to her and told her all this yesterday so she is gonna think and pray about. Also, we have a member in the ward who knows the uncle who is going to talk to him and if the uncle cant come in we want him to tell Luz to allow one of us to baptize her. Idk! If nothing happens it will stink a lot..... She has all the lessons she is excited and ready but who knows what will happen. 

Then we have a girl named Michel. She is 14 years old. Her family is also inactive. I think its mostly cause the dad is a taxista and so he works nonstop. Taxis dont make much money here. But the dad and her both went to church this last week. SO that was awesome! But they only stayed for the sacrament. I think she needs to learn a little bit more and gain a stronger testimony. She believes the book of mormon is true. Which is awesome cause if the Book of Mormon is true then Joseph Smith was a true prophet and the church is true as Preach My Gospel says. So we are just gonna work with her some more and see what happens! I think shes ready. 

We have the same problem we need to find more people....and its a lot harder than you think! Especially with the ward directory we have. It has like 600 names I think but only 150 are active. We got to a bunch of these houses and almost none of them live in the address we have. Its frustrating but at least we are helping the missionaries that come for the next exchanges:) haha. 

This week has been super hot! The week before this week was raining a lot and then this week came and was sooo hot! It was like back home in Mesa with no clouds in the sky but here it was still humid! Haha. 

I found out that I now way 165 lbs I lost everything I gained in the MTC and then some. haha. Everything is going good. We are gonna have an activity this Saturday. An open house to explain the different programs of the church (YW,YM,RS,etc). Then after its gonna be a Mexican night with a bunch of food and a talent show. I'm not sure how this one is going to go....(Mom has anyone responded with ideas of missionary activities???) I feel like its like the Mexican night has taken priority over the spiritual side for this activity. But who knows! Ill find out this week and let you know! Hope all is going well at home! I don't remembering hearing anything about Ryan and football? Mexico is great! 

Love you guys!
Elder Hakes

Nate-I met another missionary who knows who you are. An Elder Javier Vargas I think?  

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