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Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 18, 2013

Elder Hakes and his companion Elder Parker

Elder Hakes and Parker

Elder Hakes and his teacher Elder Hansen
 Everything is going great! I'll make sure to take those pictures and yes I got the picture. I didn't remember that about grandpa but good to know he is doing well. Its pretty fun being the zone leader! I don't really do all that much though. I'm just there to make sure everyone is doing well. 

We got a new district yesterday of 10. We have 4 districts right now. One of them leaves on Monday though so it will be back down to 3. Everyone in the zone is speaking Spanish but they are going all over. Some of the elders and sisters who already left were state side some were South America, only my district is going to Mexico at least for my zone. 

Wish Ryan luck for me tell him to work his butt off and don't ever stop. He needs to step up for that team cause they have a great opportunity this year. 

This week the devotional was by Richard G. Hinckley. I presume the G stands for Gordon. It was President Hinckley's son. He talked about our responsibilities as missionaries and he compared us to "arrows in the quiver of the bishop". I thought that was a pretty awesome analogy. 

One of my Spanish teachers left cause he is getting married in 2 days. Sadly we won't get to see him before we leave. We got to teach TRC last Friday and that was a fun experience. Its when we teach members of the church that speak Spanish. It was fun hearing from them and the awesome experiences they have had. 

My favorite story I've heard so far was by my other Spanish teacher. He served in Chile and was going to baptize a family of 9 and then was emergency transferred a few days before. They went on and were baptized. So my teacher was sent to the southern part of Chile away from the family. He later taught another investigator down there and baptized him. My teacher had told this new convert named Andres about the other family. So Andres asked for the address and phone and if he could see a picture of them. My teacher though it was random but gave him the info. He then never heard from Andres till the last week of his mission when he received a phone call. Andres called and told my teacher to meet at the temple. This was the day before he left for home. So my teacher gets there and is waiting for Andres who never showed up. One of the temple workers comes outside and says that they needed help in the sealing room. So reluctantly my teacher went in. He was waiting in the sealing room and just after he got there a few kids walk in. On like the fourth kid he recognized them as the family of 9 who had been baptized. So the whole family comes in and my teacher is just going nuts cause he's so happy and excited. Then Andres walks in. The whole family and Andres were sealed together. So my teacher is sooo confused and has no idea whats going on. After he learns that the family of 9 was a family of 10 really. They had kicked out their oldest son who was Andres. I thought that was the most amazing story I've ever heard. 

I'm still doing great! I don't really have much to report except that I love it here. I'm definitely learning more about the gospel and I'm definitely learning to teach.

Love you all,
Elder Hakes   

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