Mexico Vera Cruz Mission

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013 - Letter #1

Hey everybody! I made it to the MTC! Everything here is going great I got to teach investigator in spanish on the 3 day i was here! It was a little shaky but it all worked out! Its amazing to finally be here and serving the lord. I am so blessed with this opportunity to be. Its also so amazing to be here and feel the spirit. It is soooo strong here! It would be similar to being at the temple everyday. I miss the temple too! It just so happens that i am in the MTC just as the temple across the street is closed for cleaning.....thats a bummer but its all good! Thats something i miss...i can't go to the temple whenever i want. I've been told i can email anyone i want also. So if any would like to write me through email i would love to share all that is going on for me and my experiences. I also now have an hour to write rather than 30 minutes. The best way to send me mail is to use if you use that i can get your messages within a couple hours if you send it before 11:20! Its so amazing how fast it works. I know this ones short but i dont have a whole lot to say! I made it to the MTC, im learning spanish and its going good, I am honored and blessed to be here, and i love it here! I get to feel the spirit all day everyday! What more can i ask for? Everything here is great I love you all and hope all is going well in all of your lives!  

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