Mexico Vera Cruz Mission

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4, 2013 - Letter #2

Week 1
Hola familia! Como esta? Spanish is coming along great! The lord has blessed me with a good memory! I have remembered and retained a lot of the knowledge i gained in high school. I have been able to understand everything my teacher has been teaching us in spanish since day one. I honestly dont think i couldve understand has much as i have without the lord. The first few days were very very long! Mostly just cause im not use to sitting on my but all day haha. But everything is great! On lasrt friday i taught my first lessson in complete spanish. It went rather well considering it was the first time id actually had a real conversation in spanish. We were suppose to teach for 45 minutes and we accidently went over and it was about an hour long! I guess once i start talking i don't stop.... We actually just finished teaching that Pretend investigator. We only got 5 lessons with him and we didnt get him to comit to be baptized :( but it looked like thats where it was leading too. The last thing we taught him was the plan of salvation! It felt weird though i'm not sure why? Anyways that has been a great experience we are suppose to get a new investigator tomorrow i believe! I hope to get him to commit to baptism. I am getting along pretty well with my companion. He's  from salt lake. His name is Elder Parker. We actually act pretty similar and think very alike also.  he's a good Elder so everything will work out! I'm loving playing basketball everyday! I had forgotten how much fun it is! Anyways that's not any of the important stuff! I am learning a lot! About doctrine, spanish, being in a companionship, my purpose, etc. You name it im learning it haha. Its nice to have P day and sit back and reflect on the week and study the scriptures or whatever i need too. On sunday Me and Elder Parker actually have to teach ouur district of 4 companionships. We are talking about Faith! So hopefully all goes well! I'm not worried.. the lord has blessed me with the ability to teach and lead others. That might sound cocky but i believe that is true. How is life back home for all of you? I love and miss you all BUT I NEED TO BE HERE! Plus in reality 2 years is nothing and i'll be home sooner than you think. Its interesting how i the work changes your mind set. Its in a good way of course but its really cool to experience it first hand. I know i could see a change in Justin, Kacie, David, Nate, Greg, and anyone else i've seen serve a mission but its soooo much cooler to experience it first hand! I think my favorite days here are Sunday's and Tuesday's. Those nights we have are devotionals and they have been so AMAZING! We got to here from Brother Swensen who was head of missionary services and is now called to be the MTC President in Brazil! Then on Tuesday we heard from Brother Richardson. I forgot what he does haha but he was a great speaker too. He told us of this stone they have in the MTC front office that President David O. Mckay found strength in on his mission. He had been really discouraged and was pretty much done and so him and his companion decided to go site seeing to try to cheer themselves up. It wasn't working out for them obviously. They did that for like a week or 2 until they came to this house or something? I dont remember but it had this stone carved in it and it said "What E'er though art act well thy part" When they saw this they both came to their senses and decided to work has hard as they could until they finished their mission. After that experience they were no longer discouraged and were happy! The lord had blessed them cause they had decided to act how they knew they were suppose to. I though that was an awesome story. I have learned a lot even though i've only ben here a short time. I love it and it is soooo amazing! I love you guys soooo much! I hope all is going well in your lives! Remember the lord is always on your side when you are choosing the right. Do what is right and lord will bless.


Elder Hakes

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