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Friday, July 12, 2013

July 11, 2013

I have been asked to be a zone leader! As of Sunday I will be a zone leader. I pretty much get to pretend to be "The parents" for my zone. haha. I mostly will just check in on everyone in my zone and see how they are doing and things like that. I'm looking forward to it! It should be pretty fun! Tell Weston that I'll be seeing him up here in a couple weeks hahaha. There is a district if 8 missionaries in my zone that were all suppose to go to the Peru MTC but ended up here. They all have completed their MTC time and just got their flight plans and visas to leave on Monday. So I hope I get to see him! I'm doing good! Um...not really sure what to say? haha. Just doing all the same stuff I told you last time. Still learning Spanish and the how to teach better. All the basic missionary skills. Idk haha. I'm doing good. I weighed myself today and apparently I've gained 5 pounds. I'm pretty sure its all muscle;) haha just kidding. But its all good I'll probably lose it all as soon  as I get to the field.

 I think the twins are gone but Sister Rodriguez is still here. She actually goes over to the Salt Lake Visitors Center to receive training for that! I got to see her on Tuesday and we took a picture. I have a couple pictures haha. I haven't really taken very many....There's not much to take a picture of! Its just a bunch of buildings. I'm kinda sad though cause I don't get to go to the temple. The temple here is closed until August 12 or something and I leave august 5th for Mexico! As long as I get my visa that is. 

Everything is going great! I kinda miss not having you to do my laundry;) haha I'm just kidding!!!! Next time I'll bring my journal so i can remember what's happened. Nothing is coming to my mind right now. I'm teaching every other day. Spanish is great. The church is true. You guys seem to be doing great. I'm good:) haha. Idk. Love you mom thanks for everything your the best! Make sure to keep me updated with how Ryan is doing with football especially once they start playing games.... yes I know it's months away haha but I'm excited for them! He has a good team that could go all the way to state. Hope Cody is still doing his buff guy workout. Glad Emily enjoyed girls camp. Tell her I'm sorry I didn't write her back. Hope Dave and Nesa and Joe and Jennie are doing well! Tell Wes to send me a dear elder. Also I would like my ring, some pictures, food is always great:), and anything you would like. There's some other stuff I was wanting but I don't remember at the moment..... anyways gotta go! Love you all!


Elder Hakes

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