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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February 24, 2014

It's been weird in this area.....I feel like there are tons of people that will listen to us and they like everything, but they won't change because they like their church. They don't want to even try to see if it's the truth. It's very weird haha. They feel the spirit and they think it's correct, but they don't want to pray and ask if it's the truth. Sometimes people are just stubborn. The work is going pretty well, it's just been very hard to maintain the people attending church.

 Earlier in the week I got to go to a service project as a translator. It was with some club of optometrists (eye doctors) that brought a bunch of used glasses that are decent over here to give to the needy. They also brought their gear to check and dilate their eyes. So I helped a whole day working on that. It was kinda cool. I felt very strange speaking in English the whole time and there were many times when I started speaking in Spanish to the guy and he looked at me and said are you talking to me? haha. That was pretty fun and a good time.

I'm trying to think of cool stuff I've seen here but nothing is coming to mind at the moment.....I've seen lots of iguanas in this area! That and there is lots of sand:) haha. But ya the work is going well. We only are struggling a little in finding people that truly want to find the truth. I know the Lord will help us find the people he just like testing are patience sometimes haha. 

Something I've found out in my mission that I really like to do is read my patriarchal blessing. I've been reading it a lot and trying to learn and study from it. I've seen a lot of things already in my mission that were mentioned there. If you have you blessing I suggest you read it. Look at what the Lord has prepared for you. I love when I find blessings that I never even noticed but have happened and for that reason I like to study it. I know the Lord always has blessing prepared for us and only that much more when you are obedient. It's  simple that our Lord has for us.....the only thing that's complicated is that we are human beings and this world we live in. That's why in preach my gospel there is Chapter 6 Christ like Attributes. That's something I've started to study a little bit more. That I can be more like the Savior. Working on my Patience and humility. Mostly patience......haha. I'll be honest that's my crutch. I have a hard time being a patient person. But that's what I'll be working on for a while. I love the working I'm doing and grateful to be here. 

Elder Hakes

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