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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

December 2, 2013

This week was Thanksgiving! But they don't do anything here....haha. Oh well! But we had some pretty darn good tacos for Thanksgiving. Actually I completely forgot that it was Thanksgiving then a member in the ward told me and I was goin nuts haha. 


But today was more of the feast. Today and actually right now I'm in a town called Tlacotalpan. It's a tiny town along the river here. We came here and were eating in a buffet. We ate a ton! It was a breakfast buffet. We ate eggs with steak and shrimp and a bunch picadas(partially fried tortillas and beans), and bunch of other stuff you have never heard of. It was pretty darn good.

Then we went to an old theater. We just went inside and were taking pictures and stuff. It was pretty fun.

But this week went alright in the work. We still have a family of 5 that are progressing. They are making me nervous though because they have been acting weird like they don't want to listen anymore. But we will see this week. Then we have a guy named David. He is gonna be baptized on the 8th if everything goes well. He's kinda shaky right now too. Not sure why....he knows everything and he's a good dude, he is just nervous to be baptized and of what will happen after.We are gonna work hard so that he can feel ready for the 8th. 

Then we found a girl named Ana and her little brother Francisco. They are really good, but their parents are super Catholic. They don't want them to do anything with the church. So we will see what happens with them too. 

This Friday we get to go to the temple! FINALLY! I've been waiting since I came in the mission to go to the temple. We are gonna go has part of the mission Friday morning. So I'm excited for that! 

It's hard to believe its already December and Dhristmas is right around the corner. I hope all is well back home. The most important commandment of the Lord is that we are obedient. Obey and he will bless you disobey and receive the consequences. Its a pretty simple plan if you ask me. Yes it's difficult to follow, but always try to do what's right.

 Love you guys! Thank you for all the support. Take care!

Elder Hakes

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