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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

December 23, 2013

This week went pretty well. We found some amazing people that are truly ready for the gospel. One of them  is named Malena and her 2 children Chema and Azul. Malena is divorced and lives alone. She met with missionaries a long time ago and really liked the Book of Mormon. But, she lost contact with those missionaries and with her divorce lost her Book of Mormon. We were visiting her neighbor Jorbelin and she saw us, so she told her cousin, who is an active member, to tell the missionaries to visit her. So we went to visit her. She has a small problem with coffee and alcohol. And so we taught her the word of wisdom. We asked her if she would live the word of wisdom. She told us, "It's something very hard, but if it's from the Lord I'll do it". I've never had such an answer like that. It was truly amazing. She is stopping to drink those and to live all the commandments. Then she came to church Sunday and told us that she believes everything is true. She wants to be baptized and everything. She was truly prepared because of the missionaries that visited her 4 YEARS AGO! She is working hard to live all the commandments and to become a member. 

We also found a woman named Erlinda. She likes her bible a lot.... she has it with her all the time and reads a lot. When we found her she believed that all the churches were good  because they all worship God. We invited her to church and she came also. The truth we didn't have very much time to visit her and see how it went but I think she really liked it. Those were the 3 investigators that went to church this week. Oh and a girl named Jareli and her brother Christian. They are both really good too. They have a hard time understanding everything we teach but they are good people.  The Lord truly has blessed us that we could find these people. We are working hard to prepare them for a baptism. 

This week we also had a conference with Presidente Treviño and a member of the Area 70. It was with all the ward councils of the stake. It was really amazing. They were mostly just explaining how the ward should work together with the missionaries. Mostly he talked about that and the responsibilities of each calling. It was pretty amazing and I think it helped the ward a lot. The ward I'm in truly has soooo much potential. There are 115 on average every week. For Mexico that's a good number. (I don't remember how much is it back home?) But right now its hard to get them to work. The conference we had lifted their spirits to work in the Lord's work. 

That was my week.   Life's good! Hope all is well back home. Wow.......almost forgot to everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS! Please remember the our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ in this time. Serve others and help others always. Strive to develop charity or pure love for all people. 

Elder Hakes   

23 / December / 2013 Veracruz, Ver.

Dear family of our missionary:
It is for me a great honor to address you on this special occasion, Christmas. The time that we join the world to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. We know that he was born in another time, but it's nice to create unity with each other these days and enjoy the atmosphere of love and brotherhood.
Your son/daughter is doing a great job here in the mission. This work is highly related to the season; which is to invite all to come unto Christ. For this he/she has established a very close relationship with him by learning from his life and his teachings, praying intensely, emulating his example, acquiring attributes similar to His, and speak with strong testimony about His divinity. Because of this, many people have been blessed and many of them have joined the Kingdom of God through baptism.
Certainly this Christmas there will be an empty Chair, gifts unopened, unused bed, and a place available in the room and your home table, but I want you to know that today, more than ever; and very differently from all the other years, all those spaces will be filled by the grateful and loving spirit of Christ who miraculously will compensate for the absence of your child. Not only with the feeling of comfort, love, peace, and membership but also with all the blessings that he knows are necessary in your home and are a direct consequence of the faithful and selfless service your valuable son/daughter; who has literally been an angel in every sense of the word to all those with whom they have touched here in the mission especially for me, my wife and my children. To know him/her and love him/her is one of the greatest blessings we have as a family. Thank you for letting us have him/her and enjoy their spirit and friendship. We want you to know that we consider him/her part of our family and so it will be forever.
More than two thousand years ago angels were announcing, like your children are currently announcing, the Nativity of Jesus, saying: "glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to men!" Luke 2:14. It is our hope that today and always He will impart that peace and that good will in your home, your neighborhood, and your community.
True peace only Jesus Christ can provide, "peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you;" I don't give you as the world gives..." John 14:27 to live the Gospel, to serve, to share the truth, and to love as he did will be lighten the challenges of life and we will feel his presence in our hearts every day. May God bless you and may we rejoice together this Christmas with your son/daughter this unique and wonderful time of missionary work. We wish this with all our heart, expressing our love for you and your children; in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
President and Sister Treviño

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