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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November 25, 2013

Dear Family,
This week went pretty well. We found 23 new investigators this week! My companion said he has never had that many before. We found a family of 6 that are  really interested too. They accepted to be baptized December 15th. But, I don't know if I'll be there which would stink but regardless it's pretty cool. The parents aren't as interested, but all the kids love it. They went to church and enjoyed it. They're gonna keep listening and hopefully they continue. They are a good family. 

We also found a family of 5. The 2 kids and the mom are listening a lot and like the church. The dad not so much and the other one is a little girl. This week was pretty cool because one of the missionaries that got here the same time as me got to baptize a guy named Pillo. He is a huge guy...not to be mean but just so you can imagine how big he reminds me of Kung Fu Panda. My friend, Elder Melgar is like 5 foot 7 and probably weighs 140 pounds. It was a battle haha. But what made it special was the things that he had been through. He had a motorcycle accident like a month ago. He almost lost his foot in the accident. His toes were pretty messed up too. But I remember we were all there and gave him a blessing. His foot is still messed up but he can walk and was able to be baptized yesterday. It was pretty awesome. 

For us we got to baptized Marbella this week so that she could be confirmed a member with her sister. I got to be the one to baptize her. It went a little bit funny cause she got to the last step of the font and then she fell into the water and got soaked. I had to pick her up so she could get her footing haha. Then after that everything was good! 

We have baptized 3 weeks in a row now. It feels pretty good seeing the people accept the gospel and letting it change their lives. We are working hard to find more people. That's always the hardest part finding people. That's why this week we trained the ward missionaries how to contact people. It was pretty fun. I got to play the grumpy investigator. haha. But it went well and they are gonna talk with people and find references for us. 

My comp's a good guy. I feel like he's got mostly everything down. Sometimes he's a little prideful but that's just how he is. But he's a goofball.  He will be super serious and then does the most goofy things haha. Its pretty funny. He reminds me of my dad sometimes haha. Right now we are addicted to making chocolate or strawberry milk with banana. Its so darn good! haha.

I actually was a little sick this week but it was just a cold. I still have it a little bit. Everyone here freaks out if you have a little cough. Its kinda weird. They all are asking oh have you taken any medicine or do you want a blessing. I'm just like you guys are ridiculous I have a cough haha. I don't know... its just different. 

The missionary life is good! Hope all is well back home!

Elder Hakes

...I asked Brent what he is thankful for....

I'm thankful for a lot of things mama.....I could send a whole letter of things I'm grateful for. But more than anything is the family I have. My parents are pretty darn good. I see so many kids here that have no rules and do whatever they want and end up with problems. I can't tell you how many 15 year old girls I've met that have kids....or 13 year old drug addicts. I am thankful that you guys put rules for me. Also for the church. That it also teaches everything that you taught me. That I always have a home in the church along with all of my family. I am grateful to know that almost all of our family are active members, including cousins. I had good schooling. I'm grateful that Gary let me work for him so that I can be here right now. All the llittle miracles I've seen here. ETC.....and hundreds of other things..... 

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