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Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

Hello everyone!

 Life is good! My new companion got here Tuesday and he's a good man. He is very obedient and works hard. We have been working our butts off this wee  and we have definitely been blessed because of it. 

This week we went back to see and teach my first investigators. They had stopped listening to us and so we stopped visiting. But, we went back and visited them. The mom named Mirna, still doesn't want to get baptized but we talked with her 2 daughters. It was a miracle and they accepted to be baptized this Sunday. They went to church yesterday and for right now I think everything is good. We are gonna have a family night with them today and prepare for this Sunday. I'm very excited for this Sunday! And if everything works out I think we will have 3 more baptisms on Sunday. 

I've learned this week of the power of obedience! We have been strictly obedient. Not that I wasn't obedient before, but my comp wasn't very obedient before. But with my new comp we have both been very obedient and have had lots of success this week. We have found at least 1 person everyday. I'm actually having a hard time remembering all the names of our investigators haha that never happened before and it  was because we always only had like 5. Right now we have like 15 being taught. 

We are working hard to get them prepared and teach them. The only thing that is difficult is when the people lie to you. Unfortunately that happens all the time here.... and I cant stand it! But besides that everything is great! There's a woman that is awesome that we are teaching named Claudia. She went to our activity viaje a hawaii. She felt that it was specifically for her and answered many of her questions. So right now we are teaching  her. She's awesome but the only thing is she hasn't gone to church yet and she has to get married! I think there's no big problems with getting married cause they can get married fast unless they have to get divorced. But we haven't seen her in a couple days...the last 2 times she wasn't at her house when we went. But we are having lots of success right now and lots of people that are listening. 

Remember that!

Elder Hakes

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