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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November 18, 2013

Dear Family,
This week was rather uneventful I feel like. Then, yesterday we had a lot of success. We went and looked in our area book the other day. It's a book with records of all the people that have been taught before. We found a record of a family of 4 that live somewhere called Playa Medina. We had no idea where that was so we started asking around and found out its a tiny town on the other side of the river. Because there's a bridge to cross to the other side but we never knew where it went. But, over the bridge is Playa Medina. So we went yesterday to go see what we could do. We went over there and knocked doors. We found 11 people to teach in 2 hours. Four of which were the family that has already been taught by other missionaries and have been to church.  It was awesome! So we are gonna go see them again on Tuesday and we are gonna work hard over there. 

Today we had a zone activity... I don't like them right now 'cause we have to travel an hour and a half to get there and we spend like 100 pesos. Which is a good amount of money for pesos. But it was fun. We played kickball and ultimate frisbee but with a football. Where we went there are a bunch of mosquitoes and my companion got bit a ton. He's got a bunch of red dots on his legs its pretty funny haha. I wore long socks so I don't have quite as many. 

The mission is treating me well. I feel super tired right now so sorry that its not very much but my brain is just not working haha. 

I extend invitation to anybody who reads this to invite at least 1 person to church this week. 

Love you guys thank you for all the support.

Elder Hakes

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