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Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

This week went pretty well! We have like 6 investigators that we put a date for baptism with. The bad news is I only know 2 of them.....I have met the other investigators but my companion has been the only one that taught and he went when we did splits with ward missionaries. But my companion is leaving! We got our exchanges or whatever its called in English. He's going to some part of Veracruz. I'm gonna be staying in my area right now and my new companion will be coming this Tuesday. His name is Elder Vasquez and is from Guatemala and that's all I know. 

We have quite a few people who are really good though with our investigators. There's Michel and Carlos. They are children of a recent convert. We are hoping that the dad can get the priesthood and then baptize his children but we aren't sure if that will happen? We are working on that. They accepted a date for the 10 of November. They weren't very firm with that though. It was more like ya if I'm ready. So we have to work hard with them. Then there is a woman named Claudia. She went to our activity viaje a Hawaii. She loved it and thought the activity was meant for here. But she accepted a date for the 1st of December. The problem is we don't think she is married to her husband so we will have to work that. But as long as she doesn't have to get divorced it wont be hard to get them married as long as they want to. Then we have an older couple named Juanita and Cerolio or something like that. I've only met them like  twice. But they seem really good. My comp tells me they are really awesome and are ready to receive the gospel. They accepted a date for the 1 of December also. And with that they have a daughter who is also listening and the son of their daughter. We have to work really hard with them cause I think they are ready. Then there's a woman named Rosalba. We are going to try to put a date for December. The problem with her is that she doesn't think her husband will accept this? So we don't know what to do. She hasn't told her husband either. But all of these people are really amazing. Rosalba when we first met we were clicking and getting along from the moment we started. 

We will see with this week what will happen. This week was raining every day. The weather felt so amazing! But I think the sun is coming tomorrow and we are going to feel like we are back in Vietnam. hahaha. 

Everything is great! Love you guys!

Elder Hakes

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