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Monday, October 14, 2013

October 14, 2013


This week I learned the importance of asking the ward members and everyone we talk with for references. We did that a lot more this week. We only found 2 people more to teach but that's ok! That's 2 more people! One is the cousin of Luz. Named Yeraldinne. Shes 13 and has met with the missionaries before. Shes learned everything but forgot practically all of it. But the problem before was her mom wouldn't give permission. I've never met the mom though. My companion met her once when we did divisions for a family night. But I don't know, only time will tell!

Then we found a guy named Arturo. Its actually pretty funny because he looks like, talks like, and is practically the same as one of the missionaries in our district. Its a little but weird but its funny. But he's 20 years old and has lots of family problems. He doesn't know who is father is. He was raised with a man and then barely found out that he wasn't his father and things like that. The hardest part is he doesn't really have time to talk with us because he's always working. He gets up at like 5 to go to work and gets home 8 at night. Then, he eats showers and goes to bed. So he doesn't have hardly anytime. He told us he will go to church this Sunday and see how it goes. He is very humble and has a desire to learn. He never really had any religion before and didn't really believe in God. Or he did, but it was more like a respect thing like he's there but it wasn't important to him. Idk. Something like that. Those are the 2 we are working with right now and we are still searching.

My goal is to ask every person I talk to for a reference. Like in conference how he said if every member gave 1 reference before Christmas how would the church grow? But everything with that is going well. We had quite a few less actives come to church this last week but it was weird cause there weren't a whole lot of the normal members. This week is our ward conference so well see what happens. They are having a sports activity this Saturday to invite people for Sunday.

Everything is going great I feel like I understand most of what the people are saying.  There's always a couple vocab words I don't understand, but I'm learning! Ya pretty weird me learning...haha.

We are working gonna find more people this week. We hope to have a baptism for Yeraldinne in 2 weeks. We will have to see what happens though.

The mission's great.... loving everything except not playing sports.I didn't know it would be so hard..... I even want to play soccer! I have never in my life wanted to play soccer but now I some how have the urge to play it. haha.

Love you guys work hard always and please help the missionaries in your ward! I know that they need help and that you can help them. Just give them a couple names of people that the can go visit. Remember the Lord is always on your side and will always help you but only when you do your part first!!! 

Elder Hakes

PS -
 ---I asked Brent to tell me about the area he was serving.....and if he liked soccer yet.....

The area is small! I can walk it within 30 minutes. Probably like McKellips to Main from Stapley to Lindsey! Not sure something like that. Its just one city! Well, more like town! Not Americanized at all! Almost no one has air conditioning. Probably 70 percent have television. Everyone uses fans to cool down and open the windows but that's  it! So, it's super hot.  I would say its the same has AZ. 

I don't know... I don't hate soccer but I'm still not a fan. I don't know if i ever told you but we can't play soccer or basketball or practically any sports. We played ultimate Frisbee and softball for our activities of our zone. but that's it. Honestly, that's the only thing I don't like about the mission. no sports:( 

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