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Monday, May 11, 2015

April 27,2015

Hello family! 

This was a pretty interesting week haha!!! WE ENJOYED OURSELVES A LOT! We had 2 service projects and a ward activity with the primary. First we had a service activity on Tuesday. There is Sister in the ward that live alone and her son is on a mission. She was wanting to change the order of her house. So we went and we helped her move a couple beds and a book shelf and some other small things. This was the smaller activity of all of them but it was fun and it felt good to help the members out! 

The second service project was moving a sister to her new house. She packed all the things she could up and we got there to be the man power. The pictures sent were of that! We filled the whole truck with her stuff and we moved everything to her new house. Like 10 big black garbage bags, 2 refrigerators, 3 beds, 2 bed stands, a tv, 2 tables, 5 chairs, and much more haha. It was fun though we moved everything! We finished the service sweating like a pig but it was fun!  And it was to help one of our converts. Her name is Susana. She left her boyfriend whom she was living with to live the Law of Chastity and when he left he took everything with him. Shes been sleeping on SMALL 2 seater couch that's old and worn out. But now we moved all that to here house and now she is a lot better off! All the stuff is from her mom actually who also got baptized a couple months ago. So we helped them both out!!! 

Third was the show for the primary!!! haha. It was a blast!!! It's honestly so much fun to be with the children of the primary. We went and did a show of a famous Fable. It talks about the Grufalo. It supposedly some crazy big animal like Big Foot haha and hes going through the jungle. Some Mouse is also going through the jungle and finds a bunch of animals and fools them and then also fool the Grufalo into thinking that the mouse is the most powerful animal in the forest. We got to act it out with costumes. I was a crocodile with the bishop and my companion, another person was a bear and another was a wolf. It was really fun though just being with children it was a different kind of experience for me in my mission. I loved it.

Also this week was the Stake conference. Elder Netzahuacoyotl came to visit the stake. Also when he was there he went and visited one of our converts!!! It was so cool! The Bishop, Stake president, and a member of the quorum of the seventy going to visit a convert that was baptized 2 weeks ago. SO AWESOME!!!! Besides that was also the Sunday session of the conference. He spoke a lot about having true love for Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father by living and keeping the commandments. He focused a lot on keeping the Sabbath day Holy. It seems to be an ongoing struggle for us as members to live Sundays as the Lord would have us do. I know that it is difficult because honestly I would say I wasn't very good at keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.....but I know that in obedience we receive Power from on high and inspiration to show us how to use this power. We must love the Lord enough to keep all of the commandments to the best of our ability and then we will receive his guidance. I know and testify that these things our true and if you try it i know the Lord will help you as he has helped me in my life. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

PS. Also I got a new companion named Elder Alvarez from Mexicali. He's cool I'll let you know more about him next week. 

Love you guys!!!! 

Elder Hakes 

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