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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

April 20, 2015

Baptism of Raquel

Baptism of Raquel

Guanabana Fruit

My Area're in Orizaba

Dear Family!!!!
This week flew right on by!!! I feel like I just barely wrote last week....anyways.....this week was a pretty good one. The zone didn't do quite as well as I hoped for, but they still did a good job. As for my companion.....he will be going home next Tuesday! SO crazy! haha. But it pretty interesting but as for the week!! Well we found some good people but they kinda disappointed us! Their names are Angelica and Fabiola. It's a mom and daughter! The daughter is 13 years old but looks like she is 15 and understood everything we told her! The mom is a little bit slower and didn't understand as well but that's ok! Anyways... they accepted pretty much everything and we invited them to church. They said yes. We also invited them to a baptismal date and they accepted. BUT then Sunday came around and they never showed up!!!! Who knows what happened there....we haven't seen them yet. But we will see what happens! Also this week there is something called children Day. It's a day to celebrate for their children but anyways the church is gonna do an activity for it and they asked us to participate. SO this Thursday we are gonna do a show for the kids haha. My companion and I are gonna dress up as alligators and we are gonna do some Fable. Should be pretty fun haha!!! And there should be some pretty good pictures next week!!! 

Also we have our stake conference this week! The 70 that is assigned is Elder Netzahuacoyotl Salinas....heck of a name right? So we are gonna have the meetings Saturday and Sunday! Should be fun and an awesome experience to learn from! Also we had some other really cool news!!!! In July Elder Holland will be coming to the Mexico Veracruz Mission!!!! BUT I won't be here.........;( but it will be an awesome experience for the other missionaries to learn. Wish I could stay a little longer but I think if I stayed any longer the hair of my Mission President would just fall out haha. So sadly I won't be there to meet Elder Holland. 

As for this week I have been thinking back a lot on my mission! All that I have learned and the experiences I've had.....I've come to a conclusion that all of this is just the beginning and all of it will serve for a good purpose in my future life. The principles that I have learned in the mission will shape me into the future father, husband, friend, etc that the Lord wants me to be. The mission is preparation for the rest of our lives. ALL YOUNG MEN MUST SERVE A MISSION!!! But make sure you are ready when you leave....don't just go at 18 cause all your buddies are doing it when the Lord wants you to! I would even say that ALL YOUNG WOMEN SHOULD SERVE A MISSION AS WELL!!! Personally that is my opinion but if you are going to serve do it as if the Lord himself would do it. That is what the Lord needs missionaries that are humble and willing to learn and do the work in the Lord's way. If we do it our way then it will be meaningless but as we do it in the way of Lord it will be meaningful! This applies as well to our normal callings, our work, our life, our marriage, etc. "Whatever thou art do well thy part". And as we do this I know that the Lord will open the heavens and pour his blessings out upon us and we will be perfected in his Atonement, which will give us the strength we need in the hard moments of how our lives. The only question is am I doing the sufficient in my responsibilities so that the Lord might lift and strengthen me? If not what must I change so that I might receive the Lord's help and fulfill my calling in the Lord's way? 

Secret of success in life= Living and Doing as the Lord himself would Live and Do (Following the spirit)

I testify of all this and I do so in the name of Jesus Christ my Savior and Redeemer Amen.

Elder Hakes    

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