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Monday, April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

Dear Family, 

This week has been one full of work!!! We are looking to find new people just like always haha. Our zone did a great job this week. In almost every way we got better!!! Super excited for that reason. As for me, I'm doing well....feeling weird with the time running down every day more! I am grateful for this time the Lord is giving me to do his work. My companion is going home in 2 weeks....

This week we had a baptism of Raquel. Her husband was baptized like 4 weeks ago and now she got baptized. It was a pretty long process.....they both had to make lots of changes with living the gospel and the commandments! But hey they did it!!! haha. I'm so happy for is always a sacred experience and a true honor to be a part of a baptism. Now we are gonna focus on getting them to the temple! I would love to come back in a year to come see them all. I'll be sending some pictures tonight because we have district class so I'll have internet in the church. 

Also this week I was blessed with an answer to my prayers....It's sooo amazing to see the way that the Lord answers us in what we ask if it is a righteous desire. Prayers are heard and answered. The Lord loves us so very much. Like I said last week, we just have to put him as the center piece in our lives and he will bless us. Say your prayers, read the scriptures, have family night, go to church etc and then the Lord will be willing to bless you always! But if we don't do these things, the Lord will definitely have a hard time blessing us.......everything is based on our obedience to our Father in Heaven. Hope you are all doing well! 

I love you all sooo very much!!!!!!

Elder Hakes 

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