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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

March 30, 2015

Dear family, 

Well... do you believe it.... the General Conference is already here again!!! 6 months flies by fast right? Also this will be last general conference in my mission...... and to get everybody excited and to remember Jesus Christ.... there's another new video!!!! You can find it on It is amazing!!! Mom please post it on my facebook and invite everyone else to do the same thing! Its a beautiful video that truly makes you feel the spirit. 

Well this week we did alright....there wasn't a whole lot of time we had some different meetings this week that we had to go there wasn't as much time as normal. The good news is we have a baptism planned for next week!!! Her name is Susana. She's 40 years old. We found her because she lives in the house of some members. The first day we met her she was very open with us and she told us all about her life and many problems. The biggest problem there was she was living with a drunk man that doesn't do anything except make her feel bad. SO we spoke to her about the Law of Chastity. We explained that all that she was suffering in that moment was because she was being disobedient to the Lord. We cant ask God to help us if we don't do what he asks.....She understood that very well and from that day on she decided to make some changes. TO be honest this is a pretty normal case in Mexico.....many people live together but are not married. But normally the people are more rebellious and don't want to change....but she was different!!!! She changed from that day one haha. It was so awesome!!! And obviously since she left her boyfriend she has now sold more in her work and feels a lot better. (She walks the streets every day selling time you think your jobs a pain in the but just be grateful you have it and it pays you good enough) She probably makes like 20 bucks a day if that! But anyways that's changing to!!! She started going to the Self Sufficiency program of the church and is learning how to do things better and shes starting work with some members in making other things to sell! SO shes doing great!  Also fun fact for you... if I haven't mentioned any of this in Mexico a person can start any food business they want or sell things in the street and there aren't any cops or health rules. Well there are rules....but the government never checks so it ends up being the same thing. 

The Zone has gotten a lot better but we need to change some little things. The first would be the way we teach. I am not the best teacher but I have seen many other great missionaries that know how to teach including my companion right now. And great teaching comes from great questions! We all know how things work or we all know the basics but the way that you present it and the questions you ask is what changes everything. So I'm gonna be focusing my studies on that this week. What kinds of questions can I make to help the people understand what I teach and make them apply it to themselves? We will see how it goes!!!! 

Honestly, I'm loving the videos of the church!!!!!! Please share with all people! You never know when it can make a difference in someones life!!! 

Love y'all

Elder Hakes  

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