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Friday, January 2, 2015

December 29, 2014

Skyping with Elder Hakes, Christmas Day

Elder Hakes and Elder Chun

Well not much time.....I had pictures to send but we will see if I can get them sent. If not, it will be for next was a weird week haha. Lots of people busy and with their families! And us in the street hahaha. It was fun!!! Pretty much everyone offered us food so that was good. But the majority of the people were distracted with their parties and was a tough week from a working stand point but it was good on a food stand point. Got to talk to the family which is always fun!!! And good to see them:) 

Time's flying by....gotta take advantage of the time!!!! Sorry for the small letter but.....I haven't eaten well today so I'm pretty much falling asleep here at the computer and besides that it's late and I need to go work!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elder Hakes

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