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Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Chillin with my homies's a quick story....once upon a time Elder Hakes was directing a baptismal service of his district. He sang there and when he finished the baptism was going to happen. Casually standing in the back he stood watching happily. And then.......his phone began to ring! He looked quickly and saw that it said "President Cordova". He thought, "Rut rooo" (like Scobby Doo). So he quickly went outside and answered. Hola Presidente. He said Elder Hakes you are going to be a zone leader. Then Elder Hakes`s jaw dropped. He said, "Ok, sounds good. Then walked back to the baptism and got there just when the person that was baptizing said amen. THE END.
Ya... haha... President called and I'm going to be a zone leader. I'm going to the stake Cordova but my area is neighboring the area of my old area. Actually crossing the street and I arrive to my old area. SO I'm gonna enjoy that!!! I'm excited I'm going with Elder Cortes and Argentinan. Should be fun and we are gonna get to work and help the zone out over there so we can git errrrr done. I'm excited and a little nervous but more excited than anything else.
This week we had a guy come to church named Jorge (George). He's a young man that's 15 years old. He had a bad experience in a different church and so he didn't want to come but he finally gave in , came,  and he loved it!!!! I'm super excited for him! He has a baptism date for the 15th of February.... too bad I won't be there, but my companion is gonna enjoy it.
I'm excited!!!
It was actually quite interesting cause we had like 6 people that were committed to come to church. So we were really excited! But then we got phone calls that none of them were gonna go. We also didn't have Jorge planned on going. SO... when he got their it was such a blessing!!! I loved seeing the Lord help us out because we honestly felt horrible not having anyone.....but then Jorge got there and we felt SOOOO much better!!!! hahaa. I know the Lord loves and knows us. He will help us when we are obedient and will give us what we need.
Love always,
Elder Hakes

This is the Viejo....old man....
he's full of fireworks:) and they light him on fire!!!!

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