Mexico Vera Cruz Mission

Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12, 2015

Dearest family, 

Que tal? Como estamos? Over here in Mexico we are going good. Learning lots and still learning lots always. My companion and I are working very hard to have more success. We still haven't had exactly the success that we want BUT with a little bit of faith, diligence and patience we are gonna get there. 

This Sunday wasn't much fun haha. We had 3 Investigators that were 100% sure of going to church.....But we called them on Sunday morning 3 hours before and they all had things come out of no where and then they couldn't go. One here family just arrived out of no where to visit her and the others their dad made them go help him work. So that was frustrating but its all part of learning how to do the work of my Father in Heaven. 

I'm also working a lot to help my companion out. Spanish is super hard for the man....but he's learning little by little. 

And then the internet went out and  I couldn't send this letter...... until this week.

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