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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

January 5, 2015

This week was a fun one!!! It was still a bit weird because there were still lots of people on holidays and drunk all over the place. It was interesting and kinda weird....things I'm not used to seeing in the Mesa bubble. But also here in Mexico Christmas isn't very big. For them its more important a tradition called "Los Reyes Mago". I believe they are the wisemen that brought the gifts to Christmas. For them that is Christmas....the wisemen come and bring them gifts haha. And that is tomorrow I think ....not too sure honestly.... And the stores were all packed today for the same reason...buying their last minute gifts.  Also this week I've had a sour throat....I still got a little bit but not too much. I'm feeling better every day.

Today has been an interesting P day. We went in the morning and ate pico de gallo with tuna and crackers, surprisingly not to bad. And then picadas and empanadas. They are traditional food here in Veracruz! They are just the masa(dough) of tortillas and they flatten it out like a tortilla and they cook it then they put salsa, onions, and pork rinds on top.Not really a big fan of pork rinds, but oh well. That's the picada. Then the empanada they make it flat like tortilla and put cheese or chicken and they fold it in half and close it. Then they fry it in oil. You eat it with salsa and sour cream.  So that's what we had today! Also....I'm gonna buy some new glasses!!! Its gonna cost me only 380.....pesos:D or $30 dollars. So ill save those for when I get home:) 

Also this week we found a really cool family!!! Their name is the Cruz Family. They are a family of 6. The parents a kid named Jorge that is 15, a kid named Ivan 13, Juliana 6, and Alejandra 2. So its a good family with lots of potential to progress. They live in a pretty rough part of the neighborhood. We were teaching them the other day and there was a group of like 10 drunks and one of them had a its not real cool there haha. But no worries, the Lord will protect us when we do what he asks and when we are obedient. We put a baptismal date with them for the 8th of February. But we still gotta work at it cause only Ivan went to church this week with her sister. 

Recently I've been trying to get on track. We all have slumps in life and I feel like I've been in a little slump. I'm trying to make my studies better and get back to being a better missionary myself cause I've been worrying a lot about others. But I still have to help myself too. It's hard trying to find the balance in life, but I'm going with the flow. 

My faith has been strengthened. The importance of obedience is the most important principle we can learn. When we are obedient to every commandment of the Lord and when we do what he asks we are blessed. We must obey, if not we will not receive anything. 

I love ya'll!!!!! 
2015 TIME TO WORK!!!!

Elder Hakes

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