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Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3,2014

The Lord likes to give us trials. And he does it so that we become stronger in the faith and learn. It was another tough week because we didn't have anyone in church. But, we are learning a lot and finding knew ways to think things through and how to do things. And even thought its been tough, I've been able to see the hands of the Lord in the week. We had our district class this week and it went well. We had some practice lessons that were terrific. My companion and I did the practice teaching an investigator of the Sister missionaries. It's a man that likes to ask questions like How many galaxies are there? Or did humans come from apes? etc. and besides that he talks a butt load. The sisters don't really know how to teach him with these problems so they wanted us to do it. 

We practiced and tried a bunch of things to try to get it done. Finally, we got him to stop talking and stop asking questions. What I said was, What is more important to you?.... salvation or knowing how many galaxies there are? He stayed quiet and said obviously, salvation. We began to teach him about the faith and I felt the impression to tell him " I see in your own eyes that you know this is true, but trying to find answers to insignificant question doesn't allow you to act. Focus in Jesus Christ and strengthening your faith in him." Then my companion began to explain more and about the blessing of Faith in Christ. Then we finished the practice inviting to baptism. The first time he denied it and said I'm not sure. Then I invited him again and said, "will you show your faith and be baptized so that you can live with your wife (who had passed away) forever?" It was only a practice but the spirit came into that room sooooo strongly. The sister missionary who was acting began to cry and only nodded her head saying yes I'll be baptized. 

It was so strong the spirit my companion and I could hardly talk either so we promised blessing and testified and finished the practice. 

The spirit is the most important part of our lives. We must recognize it and follow it so that we can have eternal  happiness. 

I know and testify of this in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

Elder Hakes

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