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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November 24, 2014

Hello family!!!! 

This week went rather good. It was another good week in my new area. It was the stake conference this week! So we got to meet a member of the quorum of the 70. His name was Elder Villalobos. He came to give us a beat down but with words. He pretty much just made us all feel bad hahaha. It was super sweet though. He taught us about obedience. He said there is only obedient or disobedient, Which one are you? And a lot of other things that were rather strong. He reminded me a lot of Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. The only bad part was the whole cultural hall was full and there wasn't any space for all the people. SO they put other TV's in the other rooms but the didn't work well and you couldn't see or hear and it was just annoying. But what I heard was really good. 

My companion is Elder Anaya. He has 1 year in the mission and is from Mexico city. He is a little rebellious sometimes haha but he's a good missionary. Soon I'm sure he will be a leader in the mission....just gotta work with him to get him ready.

 I've decided to start something new. It was a talk I saw about a missionary. He talked about going to a lesson with a member. He went the missionary and his companion both bore their testimonies and then a member bore his testimony and it was so strong. He felt the desire to get better and get rid of all distractions in his mission. Be obedient and just do everything he could to do everything right for 40 days. The missionary fasted and prayed daily to overcome these doubts and be better. When he finished the 40 days of sacrifice he left the house. He felt confident and in every lesson he taught he could feel the spirit so powerfully. He ended up baptizing 16 people in 8 weeks. Those are numbers extremely high for whatever mission in the world. SO I've decided if it worked for someone else, why won't it work for me? I have decided to eliminate all distractions and be completely obedient so that I can see the miracles the Lord will do. Today I also read Moroni 7 that talks a lot about this. I'm going to apply these things and work miracles with the help of the Lord. I know that this is his work and I love my mission. 

Elder Hakes

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