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Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

Well, my area has been great and I've loved it! But, now they are kicking me out. I will now be going to the ward Vulcanes in the stake of Villa Rica. Port of Veracruz!!!! haha. This will be my first opportunity to be in the port. Going back to all the humidity and heat because where I'm at right now is cold and rainy. Should be fun getting use to the heat again. I'll send more information next week when I know more about my area. My Son (Elder Lumbreras) will be staying here in my area and is going to train a new missionary and be the District leader. So he's got some big shoes to fill taking my place.  

This area is surrounded by a bunch of hills and forest. Rather fun and beautiful place. NOW I will go what it's like being in the city. Should be interesting and very fun. I'm feeling good. It could be better but I'm good. I'm gonna work hard to complete my goals and help others gain the Eternal Life. That's why I'm a missionary. Try talking about that when you share the gospel. Don't explain everything, just tell them what the eternal life is and that there are 2 young men or women that will help them know how to gain the opportunity. It's been something that is helping me to do a lot better. And it allows me to helps others come unto Christ. Our mission president taught us that this is our goal. The Eternal Life of all mankind. Many times we only think in baptism. Baptism is not a bad goal to have but baptism is meaningless if the people stop living the gospel and don't go to the temple. SO that is our goal. Now we just gotta get to it. Take people to the Temple so they can gain the eternal life.

Elder Hakes  

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