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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014

This week we had 2 baptisms! It was pretty sweet. It was a family that had completely rejected my companions here the last time and then we went and they accepted us at the snap of a finger. hahaha. It was pretty funny. But, it was a part member family with the mom being the only member. The dad is a guy that likes to drink and isn't a big fan of churches. He didn't listen at all nor his 2 oldest sons. But the mom and her 2 youngest children did listen. They went to church last week and this week also. It started out very hard.....we went they listened to us and were interrupted many times by the dad. The second time we came back again and taught a little bit better cause the dad wasn't there. Then the 3rd time we get there and the sister told us that her husband doesn't want any of them to go. She was crying while telling us that she wouldn't go anymore and about all the problems with her husband and family. I felt gutted because I had no idea how to help them....I felt there was nothing we could do. But then I opened my mouth and spoke without even knowing what I was saying and explained about the priesthood and that we could give them all a blessing and the house because they commented about some weird things happening there. Immediately they all responded saying yes. So we went in the house all knelt down and I blessed the house so that it would be protected from all evil spirits. Then we stood up and my companion gave a blessing to Antonio (he was baptized Sunday). Then I went and gave one to Mari (also baptized Sunday). As I finished her blessing I began to choke up. But no worries, I held it in while longer. But then we changed and my companion began to bless the mother. And that's when some water works started flowing. I began to was weird for me. I haven't cried in my entire mission at least I don't remember. But in that moment I felt the spirit very strongly I felt a pure love for this family and I wanted the best for them. We were able to use the priesthood to help them and the next day we came and everything was better. The family was together and happy when we arrived the next day. 

I know the power of the priesthood is real. When we are worthy we can use it to literally help change the lives of others. I also could feel a slight glimpse of what pure love is. At least that's the closest I have felt to pure love. If we can understand this pure love we an understand the necessity to share the gospel. It isn't something that if we want to do it we can do it its we should and we will do it. The Lord is confident and has given us the opportunity to have the gospel in our live. But why? I believe that he has given it to us because he wants us to share it. 
And our father in heaven is so loving that he has prepared a book to help us do just that task. Preach my Gospel is a book inspired of God and was prepared on the otheride of the veil for all people that want to share the gospel. NOT only missionaries. ALL members of the church. Our mission president and his wife told us that their family nights are based on Preach My Gospel and when they finish they start over. I know that if you study it then you will learn how to share the gospel in a way that we can push along the work of the Lord in these latter days. I ask all of you that you please study it. Individually and as a family. If you do it I promise that you will feel the spirit more in your lives, the Lord will guide you in order to find and to help our brothers and sisters that our lost on this earth to find the truth. I testify o these things in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

Also some fun stuff this week! I got to hold a baby possum. The family that was baptized is a humble family and they work cutting in the jungle and so they find lots of animals. This was one they found out there. Also i rode a donkey:D Super cool haha. It was pretty fun and cool. and that's about it!!! 

Love you guys take care!!

Elder Hakes 

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