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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April 14, 2014

This week we had another baptism!!!! IT was an awesome one too! I mean all of them are awesome, but it was cool because we were all together. The 4 missionaries from Anton Lizardo. We baptized a guy that use to be a pastor for a Pentecostal church. haha Pretty cool! We didn't even know until 4 days before. Our companions baptized a family of 4 that got married after learning the law of chastity and did everything to be baptized. So there were 6 baptisms that day and 2 new Melchizedek priesthood holders in the ward. It was awesome with lots of members there and a musical number by the missionaries. That was all the good stuff! The only bad news is we don't have anyone ready to be baptized this week. Because our goal as a mission was to be baptizing every week by April. I'm going to work super hard in that. We actually had a rather good week....but no one has come to church in a while and that's the problem right now. We need to bring people to church so they can have the testimony and can know that they want to be baptized. SO we will be working on that.

For me its still being kinda hard with my companion we don't fight or anything its just hard to talk because he is the exact opposite of me. He's what we would call a nerd and I would say I'm a jock. For example I like sports, he likes animation/cartoons. So I'm pretty clueless on what to talk about with him haha. But he's a good Elder and we work good. 

I liked the way Ry Guy asked Teghan to prom....well done ya big cow!!! (Teghan works at Chik-Fil-A.  Ryan borrowed the Chik-Fil-A cow costume and took in flowers and asked her to prom at work.)

I want you all to know that the gospel is true. Forget whatever doubts you have had, have, or will have. Just do what is right and follow the counsels of our prophets. I know that only through obedience we will truly receive all the blessings of the Lord. The Lord is bound when we do what he commands so just do it! 

Elder Hakes 


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