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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014

You just have to watch one minute and you know that these men are inspired of God. I know and sustain every single one of the people who talked as Authorities of this The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. I know that this church is true. For me, I truly enjoyed conference soooo much. The thing that I recognized the most was the Love. They taught about the love of God, the love of Jesus Christ and his atonement, the love we should have to our family/spouse(for those of you who have one), the love to our investigators, etc. A love for all people. The world quite frankly does not have this mentality. But, we are not of the world but in it, and we were built to be here to last and to overcome the temptations of Satan. The way to do that? Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. 
 If I remember correctly, it was Elder Bednar that talked about the Atonement. It applies in everything we feel. Many times we think, well, the Atonement is for repentance. And I testify and know that this is true, BUT the Atonement applies in EVERYTHING! Everything we have felt, feel, and will feel Jesus Christ has felt. 
 Which leads to another thing that caught my attention. They talked a lot about building yourself upon rock. Upon Jesus Christ and his atonement. We need be firm and not wavering. Don't doubt our faith, Just follow it and what you know to be true, and surely the Lord our God will bless us. 
 The third thing I really like was the talk about gratitude, don't remember very well who it was. But, he talked of the "Attitude of Gratitude" That when life is rough, be grateful! But why you might think? Ether 12:6 (SM) That ye shall not any testimony until after the trial of your faith. Always "Put you Shoulder To the Wheel" just like the pioneers did. True to the faith which our fathers have cherished....Man I loved conference.....I just start talking and more keeps coming to me. 
 But, what I loved the most was how President Monson ended the conference. First telling us and counseling us to read the Liahona/Ensign when it comes out with the conference talks. I believe they will be of great need and use this year. Then how he finished and closed the Conference. I felt that in that moment he was literally talking with God. He said something along the lines of we love thee and are thankful for your presence.
Also not sure if you heard, but my mission president will be finishing is mission in July and then will be one of the new members of the quorum of the 70! Pretty cool beans right? Everything was amazing....couldn't have had a better conference the spirit was strong and was easily felt. 

The talk I didn't mention that I truly loved was the opening talk by Elder Holland and I didn't mention because you already know how amazing it was! haha. 

I again testify that these men are called directly from God and have divine revelation for US. Every single one of us! This is the truth and let shine to the world. Let's do our part in the work and show our love to God by serving our brother and sisters on this world.

Elder Hakes 
The burger from last week's letter

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