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Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

So......this week! We finally had a baptism! 

After working a hard couple months we finally had one. It was an awesome experience. I got to be able to baptize Maria del Carmen. The baptismal service was very awesome. One of the better ones I've ever been a part of. We could feel the spirit very strongly there. So strong that in the end the brother in law of Maria started to have tears and told us that he wanted to be baptized too. We are gonna go find him and teach him so that he can be baptized in 3 weeks. 


We also were able to find some very good people this week. One is named Carmen. She was a member of a Pentecostal church. But, now she's not going and does nothing with church. It was an awesome experiences. She was talking about lots of things and what I loved was that the spirit guided us in what we were saying. She asked about polygamy, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. The polygamy question is always a weird one to explain. But, we explained it well enough that she understood. Then we started talking about Joseph Smith and the first vision. In that I could truly feel the spirit. I know that she felt what I felt and that she is going to read the Book of Mormon. And yes, she has been reading it since we left it with her. She was gonna go to church with us but couldn't come because she had work... that kinda stunk. But says she'll go with us this next week. I know that we were guided by the spirit in this lesson that she could feel the truth and for that reason she is reading and getting to know the church. And when she goes to church she'll recognize that it's the truth. I'm sure she will be baptized in 5 weeks. 


This week also had some funny things happen haha. We were sitting in a house of some members waiting for the food. Just sitting there talking like normal and then an iguana came running in the house! So we shut the door and were chasing after it. 


Then it went inside the couch and we couldn't get it for a little while. So then we lifted the couch up and started shaking it. Then the iguana left and went under the bed of the sister. haha 


So we kept chasing until finally this kid got a hold of it and captured it. It was pretty cool and that's why I have the pictures of the iguana. 

The week went pretty well and we had a good time. This area is super weird...haha we have lots of weird people that do interesting things and stuff like moving dead dogs, iguanas going in houses haha. Tons of weird things. It's pretty funny. But it's all good. 

I am going to start giving English classes I think this week. I don't know... we will see how it goes and if we find people through it then great... if not well we will just stop. 

And this week was pretty funny. We went on the bus 4 of us going back to our areas. We decided hey lets sing some hymns! So we all sang like 3 or 4 hymns on our bus ride home. We got some strange looks but hey it was fun! And who cares I'll probably never see them again! But we had a good time with that. And......I think that's about it! 

It was a fun week!


Elder Hakes  

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