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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 10, 2014

Dear Family,
This week my new companion arrived.. His name is Elder Muñoz. He's from somewhere called Acapulco or something like that......He's a little bit weird but he's a good dude. I've felt the spirit when we've been teaching together a lot. H'es a good man and we are gonna have a lot of success. We went this week with some old investigators. One is named Maria del Carmen. She's like a grandma that we have taught a lot and was going to be baptized like 3 times but then she just wanted to keep drinking coffee and so we let her be for a while. Yesterday we went back and talked with her. So we went to go find her. She was in her house and had been feeling sick. And the thought in my head was to give her a blessing. So we offered and she accepted. I gave her the blessing and we finished. She told us she felt a warmth come over her and that everything was going to be fine. Then she continued to tell us that she had a dream that she was going up some stairs to grand palace. She got about to the top but she faulted the last step to get there. For some reason she couldn't get up and make it to the palace. She said it was super beautiful and she really wanted to get there but she couldn't get there. And that was her dream. Then my companion and I asked her what she thought that it meant. She paused for a second and looked at us and said "..........baptism." The spirit came into the room very strongly in that moment. She now knows with out a doubt that its the truth. She wants to be baptized now but she still has to get rid of coffee. So we are working hard with her and if she is truly repented when our district leader interviews her she will be baptized this next Saturday. 

So that was the super cool story for the week now for the not so cool..... I've started to eat a lot of spicy food. I'm eating Habaneros by themselves and stuff like that. And my goodness I ate one super darn spicy yesterday. I was crying a little bit!!!! It wasn't super hot anywhere but it made me cry it was super weird! Especially because I have already been eating them a lot and I've adjusted quite a bit but man it was hot yesterday....

Also, I learned about the power of Hymns. We have started singing hymns to the people and investigators. We ask them to close their eyes and think about Baptism, your family, etc. And then we sing its been super amazing to see the spirit it invites and that you can see it in the peoples eyes that they feel it. 

Also, I got to participate in giving another blessing to a investigator of another companionship. We gave him a blessing and at the end he was crying. He told us he knew that it was true. We bore our testimonies that it was the Holy Ghost testifying of the truth and we left. Another thing we did is we asked for blessings from one of the leaders in the ward and that we could give a blessing to every member of their family. It was pretty cool. I felt that the Brother gave me a lot of comfort and support some doubts I had. The power of the priesthood is amazing. It truly is the power and authority of God. And as we are worthy we can use it to help others. It's been a great blessing to be able to help others feel the spirit and power of the holy priesthood. I know that it is real. That it is the power of god on the earth and the only way we can enter into the kingdom of God is through ordinances under this authority. Whenever you feel down ask your bishop, father, home teachers,etc for a blessing. I am grateful for the time I have here and that I can help these people. 

Elder Hakes

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