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Sunday, August 4, 2013

August 1, 2013

with Elder Padilla and Elder Johnson

Dear Family,
I'm doing great.  This week was awesome our investigator is almost committed to baptism. (I'm assuming I mentioned they aren't real?) But ya its actually our teacher! He is a tough investigator but, he is very close to committing to baptism! But we only teach him one more time on Saturday!

I fly out Monday to Phoenix, then to Mexico City, then to Veracruz. I know what your thinking mom....and the answer is NO! haha. I love you but that wouldn't help me. I'm very excited I can't wait to get over there! Even if I won't understand the language very much. I'll learn soon enough! 
Everything is going great! Like I say in every letter....cause its true!

This week I have been studying Chapter 6 of Preach my Gospel (PMG). In PMG chapter 6 it talks about the characters of Christ. So that's what I've been focusing my studies on so I can be better about that. I mostly focused on hope, faith, and charity. These are all connected! They form a triangle at least in my mind. They all work together and strengthen your testimony, which then makes you become converted, which then leads to you being blessed and receiving the blessing of heaven. At least that's how I have understood it! It's really cool though when you figure things out like that! 

This week has honestly been the best week I've had! It's flown by so fast though. It's crazy that I'm already leaving out to Mexico. I may be the white kid from Arizona that can barely speak Spanish but I'm gonna work my butt off. If there is anything I've learned its definitely to work. I'm not too worried I know it will be tough and discouraging at first but I'll learn fast! I'm sure its so much easier to learn when your only speaking Spanish. I'm excited to learn the culture. I love cultures sooo much! Especially Polynesian cultures. I've been told that the only difference between Mexicans and Polys are that Polys are bigger haha. I'm not sure how true that is? haha. But I will find out. 

This week we had an awesome devotional he he said some things that really stood out to me. First off was that the missionaries are the Army of Helaman. I loved when he said that cause I love that story in the Book of Mormon! I mean what young man doesn't love it? Such an awesome story and to be described as them was very powerful and makes you want to be as amazing as they were. He also said that we are The Hope of Israel. I've always liked that song but never realized that I would be called that! "Hope of Israel Zions Army" I find it interesting how they keep comparing us to an army. 

That reminds me of another talk we had that said we need to contend with our investigators. Contend with the truth and the power of God. But this is completely different from being contentious. I see contentious as seeking out an argument and that word just has a negative connotation. But we need to contend for their souls! That's what he said it was an awesome talk even though it was an old man with a quiet voice that was putting us to sleep haha. 

This last Sunday I watched Legacy for the first time since I was probably 10 haha. It was completely different being a 18 year old. HAHA. But still it is a great story just very cheesy and made me laugh so much. 

Time in the MTC is the weirdest thing..... One day feels like a week and then the other day feels like an hour. This week has been all the days feeling like an hour. It will be weird leaving here because I really feel like its my other home. The MTC is such a sacred place. I know this with all my heart. You feel the spirit everyday all day and it is amazing. I've learned a lot here and will miss my zone. That's something else I've learned is leadership. The best way to lead someone is by example. But without love it is nothing. That's the second part to leadership. You have to love the people you are leading/serving. I love the MTC! It is such a sacred place very comparable to a temple. I'm doing great. The Lord loves me, I love him, I love my family, I love this work. Now I just need to get to Mexico! 4 more days!

Elder Hakes

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