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Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2014

Alright so this was pretty normal! Working hard with zone. We are getting better just some small things we gotta do better. Tomorrow we are gonna have Leader training for our district leaders and then a zone class. Yesterday we had a meeting with the stake president of our stake. We made a Stake Mission Plan. Based what we had learned earlier in the week. 

Im the week the President of the area of Mexico came. He talked a lot about the basics and simple ways to work with members.  He also showed us the plan of the area. Its based on Tithing and fast offerings and Temple work. It seems kinda interesting because you would think its kinda weird but its very intelligent. Just think about it....what type of faith does it take to pay your tithing and fast? It's quite a bit....and besides that doing temple work. But not just temple work, but temple work with family names! Basically as we do this we will help the members to be stronger and we will be able to make them strong enough so that we can work together and do the work of our Father in Heaven. So we put goals with the stake president about this and we are gonna work together with them. 

My birthday was pretty chill. The only thing is it was a Sunday so we don't do much on sSndays. It's because as zone leaders we talk the whole afternoon with the district leaders about what we are gonna do in the week. SO we are just in the house talking on the phone. Right now we are gonna go celebrate my birthday with a family! And some sister missionaries bought me a hug thing of bread!!! It was pretty sweet! I'll be sending pictures in a little bit but it was fun:) 

Life's GOOD:D 

I'm actually rather tired right now.....and nothing is coming to mind of what happened this week. But we are working hard and the zone is getting better:) 

Love yall!!!!

Elder Hakes 

An old friend

Our Practice investigator

Eating with President Cordova and Elder Benjamin de Hoyos

Writing home today

Coconut 3 milk cake

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