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Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014


This week was interesting. We talked with one of our investigators. Shes named Mariantiv and is 14 years old. She is super good and has a strong testimony about the gospel. She was going to be baptized this last week BUT her mom wouldn't let her. She doesn't think shes ready and wants to wait longer. Pretty stupid cause she is super ready. But we will be working so she can be baptized. Don't be surprised if you hear about her baptism in a couple weeks. 

Right now the world cup is going on. Which means whenever Mexico plays like right now the streets are empty and whenever you hear anyone yelling the people run to the tv to see what happened. It's pretty funny everyone is just going crazy with world cup right now. Also we started giving some English classes this week. We will see how they go we didn't have very many people last week but this week should be better! 

Also lots of those pictures I sent home are from when we went to El Cerro de Vigia. Lots of the members call it the Hill of Cumorah I don't really understand why but oh well. We have an investigator that lives up there so we went up in a taxi and hiked across the hill a little ways to go teach her. We then hiked all the way down. It's not too bad going down we are gonna see if I ever hike it all the way up. We never got to the top this week we were just in the middle. 

Everything is going well. I feel weird that I am going to have a year this week and a year from now I will already be home. Very VERY strange thought. I have a lot to do and I have to work hard. We are still trying very hard to find a way to work here in this branch. It's rather difficult for the lack of active members. We had 18 people in church last week. We are gonna work with that. Right now in July where I'm at there is a Fair that they do. Supposedly they sell everything super cheap there and so we are gonna check it out. Should be cool.

 Love you guys keep working hard and keep studying the scriptures DAILY. It's something very important that will help every single one of us to become more converted and that's the whole reason we are here.... to become converted and show it to God through our actions.

Elder Hakes
1980's Book of Mormon

Fried Crickets

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