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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014

This week went a little bit better in the church. We had 22 show up and there were people actually there in the beginning. We also had a baptism this week! It was a 17 year old girl named Isabell. She's been having health problems with some skin allergy and hadn't been able to meet the last week but this week she was baptized! It went well and her mom could go to the baptismal service. I got to be the one that baptized her. It was a good experience. It was actually the first time I had gotten to an area and that I could baptize someone taught  from the missionaries that were there before me. SO overall it was just a good experience. 

We are working super hard with less active members (basically all the members) so that they can come back to church and remember the truth. There aren't hardly any members that go to church every single week. The people are really nice but they just don't like committing themselves to go to church. So that's what we are working on. 

All of this week was pretty crazy for the weather. It rained for 5 of the 7 days all day. Very weird feeling.... it actually felt super depressing haha. I will never go live in a rainy place. The streets were filled with water. And like I said, they are all hills so it was just a river going down the hills haha. It was pretty fun. The only thing I didn't like was having my feet wet the whole week. I'm probably gonna go buy some rain boots. They say it rains a lot here in rain seasons and that's supposed to be coming up soon. 


My companion is Elder Killpack. He's a good dude. We get along rather well. He's from Santaquin Utah. Not sure where it's at, but that's where he's from. He will probably finish the mission with me here in Santiago or at least that what we think cause he's going home in August. He reminds me a little bit of my little brother Cody. He's a big dude and he's really goofy. But we have had some good times. 

We named one of the iguanas that we see everyday. It's gigantic! I still have to take a picture of it cause its like 3 times as big as the picture I sent of the iguana. His name's Iggy! Here in Mexico, they supposedly eat iguanas and my companion and I were thinking maybe we go and catch one and give it to a member to cook for us. We still haven't determined if we will do it.....I'll let you know if we ever do:) 

Everything is going pretty well....The only other thing is I have a sore throat right now but that's not a big deal. 

Life's good:) 

I love you all take care and keep doing what the Lord wants.

Elder Hakes   

Zapote Domingo ---a Fruit

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