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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19, 2014

This week we had a baptism! It was an 18 year old named Himeldo. He truly changed a lot because of the gospel and will now be confirmed a member of the church this week. It was awesome to work with him and see the changes he has made. The gospel truly changes lives don't ever forget that. 

The week went by fast....they always are flying by! This next week will be exchanges and we will see what happens. I'll probably go to a new area but who knows? This last week I made a pretty sweet salsa. Actually it was super spicy! I;ve started to eat all the spicy was a habanero salsa. It wasn't to bad. I liked it and ate it all week. I also made tacos dorados(taquitos). Here they make these tacos out of mashed potatoes and chorizo. Its super good! I like it a lot! They were pretty good. I'm still  seeing lots of iguanas. The weather is still being super weird! It gets super hot and then the next day its super windy. Then it goes back to normal a couple weeks and then again the wind.
We had that this week. 

The work is going slow...the whole mission has slowed down a little bit with the success we've had. But, we are working hard to keep having success. We are looking hard to find new people. Also this week we will have our interviews with President TreviƱo. They are always really nice to have. I like talking with him. He's a very good man and helps a lot. This last Sunday also I was able to talk in church. I was assigned to talk about being animated to achieve our callings or do all that is needed with our callings. It was interesting and I liked it a lot. The callings we have are to serve the church and the people there. Also it is a way to keep our baptismal covenant in serving the Lord all of our days. I liked it a lot and I know that our callings are very important. Whatever the calling is, it's important. When we  fulfill our calling, we are blessed. We learn new talents and receive the desire to serve more. I know that this is true. Also that the Lord knows each one of us. He will never ask us to have a calling that we cant fulfill. 

I love you guys and thank you for the support. I know  its short.....but promise to write more next week!

Elder Hakes

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