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Monday, May 12, 2014

May 12, 2014

SO this week......well I got to talk with the family for starters. It was another awesome experience and that I could share the gospel a little bit with my own family. It's an amazing feeling when you do it! You can truly feel the love and the powerful spirit there. That is what the Lord hopes of us that we have a happy family and that we use and share the gospel with each other. 

This week we will be having another baptism! His name is Himeldo. He's an 18 year old guy. It's been awesome to work with him because he had lots of problems.....he had problems with the word of wisdom and the law of chastity but as he listened to us and saw the change in his younger siblings, who were baptized with us 3 weeks ago, he also felt the need to change. SO.... he's done just that and is all ready for his baptism this Sunday. As I have been able to work with this family I have truly been able to see the blessings of the gospel. The changes it can and will make in the lives of others. 

I plead that we can always be ready to share the gospel and that we never have the fear to do it. The need of sharing the gospel only gets bigger everyday. Please do it and the Lord will bless you and you will feel the joy that I have been able to feel. We are also working hard to find new people. We have some families right now that my companion and I have felt are super ready for the gospel but they are having a hard time living it. We are doing our best to help them out and that they can see and feel the blessings. We will see what happens in the week with them. Just gotta keep working to find more people. 

I love this work. It is truly the work of the Lord. And it isn't just for missionaries. I have the privilege of being a full time missionary BUT, as a member you can have just as much of an influence as a full time missionary or even more. The missionaries need help, to be honest. They need help finding people to teach. The job as members of the church is to find people for the missionaries to teach and if needed to offer your home or go on visits with the missionaries. Please do your part and the Lord will help you find someone that will accept the gospel. I love you guys and know that we have a big responsibility of sharing the gospel please do it!

Elder Hakes   

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