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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

September 15, 2014

This week we had a baptism! 

His name is Uriel and it was a fun baptism haha. We told our ward mission leader the night before and asked if he would help us to fill the baptismal font. He said ya no problem. SO we get to church, finish the first hour and we are about to start the second hour and I asked him about the font.  He forgot to fill it up....... and the font takes 3 hours to fill up. He ran over there and turns on the water to fill it up. Then we find out he left the plug open so all the water that was filling was just going out the drain. SO it didn't fill up at all.....Then finally he put the plug and everything started filling up. But we finished the 3 hours and it wasn't even a fourth of the way full. So we got all the buckets we could and ran with the neighbors. After an hour of going back and forth with the water we finally finished! Well..... not exactly.... but we filled it up enough so that he could be baptized. He had to sit down and then lay down so that the water would cover him completely. hahaha. It was just crazy and very frustrating to be honest. But he was baptized!!!! 

And also this week we found another person to be baptized for this week! Her name is Selena. She has had sooo many problems. Her parents basically abandoned her and left her with her grandparents, and then she changed houses a lot between aunts and uncles etc. Ends up that it was just ridiculously hard for her. But she wants to start over and accepted baptism for this week. So we are gonna get to work and help her out. 

This week my companion and I learned the importance of being simple in your teaching. It has to be simple. It's like it says in the bible and the Book of Mormon....precept upon precept and line upon line. Being simple when teaching allows the spirit to be there and the people that are learning so that they can understand and apply it in their lives. I know that this is true and that if we apply it we will be better teachers. 

The other thing we learned is the importance of the Bok of Mormon. Without it we cannot teach the Restored Gospel nor can we become converted without studying it daily. If you want to have a testimony you must read, ponder, and pray about the message that the Book of Mormon contains. 

DO it and then live it.

Love always,

Elder Hakes

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