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Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 8, 2014

Hello family!!!!! 

Hope all is well back home!!!! This week was not too shabby. We had our first baptism in my new area after working really hard these last couple weeks! It felt super good to be honest.  Her name is Leslie. She is a 14 year old girl that has been listening to us for like 2 months. She finally decided to be baptized. Also we were talking with her sister Michelle. She has been a little more rebellious but we talked to her on Sunday and she has accepted to be baptized on the 21st of dicember. WOOOHOOOO!!!!! So that was the good news of the week. The bad news is that all the super cool people we taught last week didn't come:( Ivan had a family party and so he didn't come and Adelaida we don't know what happened. Today we are gonna go see what happened, because it was way weird because they had told us since Wednesday that they were gonna go to church.....So I'll keep you updated on that one I'm sure they'll be going this next week. My district is also getting a lot better. Before I got here they hadn't baptized in 3 months(for my mission that's a long time). I'm happy cause they've been working hard and are gonna baptize this week the 14th of dicember. My mission is honestly going great! I feel good I feel happy and I feel like I'm working harder than ever. I just gotta keep it up! 
Recently we have been doing a program in the church with sharing the gospel. It's through some short videos one is "Because of Him" and the other one we are focusing on a lot right now is "He Is the Gift" ( I encourage you to share it!!! We are seeing results in sharing this video. In my district, a companionship shared this video with a person and he wouldn't stop asking them what he had to do to get baptized. It might just seem like a video to us.....but for someone else it can change their life forever. So love your neighbor and share it with all people!! Flood the internet with this link!!!!!!
Also anybody that is passing for a hard time and needs help or something like that I'm a missionary called of God to represent him and help all people come unto him. So you can write me if you'd like some help!

Elder Hakes
My Generation - Me, MTC Companion Elder Parker, Elder Kimball

Los Famosos Nortes.  (North Winds)

Elder Esquihuas (my zone leader), Elder Anaya (my Companion), Elder Hubbard (ZL)

Steak, Cactus, Corn, Sausage..... Best lunch I've had in my whole mission by far.

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