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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 13, 2014

This week I bought another new pair of shoes! But these are church shoes. They cost $20 dollars so.....ya and it was kinda hard not to buy them because they look sweet too! My shoes are kind of dying but I'm gonna go find a shoe repair shop and put new soles on these bad boys. 

This week was a good experience. We had 2 baptisms. One they called us at 9:30PM and said she wasn't going to be baptized, so we got super nervous. We woke up the next day and went to her house early. We got there and sat down and began to talk. She said that she had lots of doubts the night before and began to think and sent us the text message that she wasn't sure and she wasn't going to be baptized. So we knelt down my companion and I and we asked in prayer that our investigator would begin to pray and know what she should do. She told us that after she sent the message she felt the need to pray. She wrote a list of why and why nots of her baptism and then prayed to know the truth. She then began to bear testimony to us of the prayer she offered and that she knew she had to be baptized. SO everything was ready and she was baptized. It was awesome to see the testimony that she had earned by herself. Not because of me or my companion but because she had the sincere desire to know. And as it says in Moroni 10 she received a witness by the power of the holy ghost. 

Also, With the other baptism it was awesome too. I remember a prayer he offered with us. IN his prayer he said THANK YOU FATHER FOR GIVING US THE BOOK OF MORMON BECAUSE I KNOW THAT YOU SPEAK TO US THROUGH IT. It was such an amazing feeling to see that he received a testimony of the Book of Mormon. They gained their own testimonies and it was awesome to teach them. Now we gotta go find new people.

The Evans are friends in Mesa.  They called a week ago and said they were traveling to Veracruz and would take a package for me.  They went the extra mile and delivered it straight to Brent and sent me this picture in a text.  LOVE IT!
Also, This week it was fun seeing Brother Evans and Rylan Evans and receiving a package from my family. Not sure how my English was, but I did my best!! haha. And I'm sure they understood me. It was nice to see them! Thanks mom for the package! Peanut butter M&Ms are so amazing!!!!!!! Just reminded me again of that fact.... I love you all!!!!!

Elder Hakes

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